This was not an easy month for Weight Watchers. I didn't meal prep/go to Trader Joe's as much, I traveled two weeks in a row and kind of went to hell with myself.

A few weeks ago I gained 4 pounds -- the most I've ever gained back since starting Weight Watchers over a year ago. In retrospect that isn't THAT bad because I've managed to keep basically all the weight I've lost in the year off, but seeing that 4-pound weight gain on the scale made me crazy.

I lost 1 of the 4 pounds and I'm hoping to clock in even less this week.

When I see the weight gain on the scale, I get physically ill. It's one of the reasons before going on Weight Watchers I never got on the scale. I didn't want to be defined by a number but going into this lifestyle I knew I had to be, sort of. I want to get down to a goal weight, I want to be able to say I lost x amount of weight. It makes me so incredibly happy and proud of myself because I know I accomplished something I never thought possible.

As we head into the Fall season, my favorite season of life, I know there is going to be a ton of temptation. Pumpkin everything, Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas sweets; this is when I went off track last year and I never really gained my momentum back. I am going to make a promise to myself to be strict with myself during the week and then allow myself some pumpkin treats on the weekend.

Another issue I'm experiencing is that I started dating and I'm going out to dinner every weekend. I want to enjoy my dinners and experience the delicious food without going overboard. I'm lucky that I've trained my body to not allow overindulgence of greasy, hearty foods and I usually end up taking most of my dinner home.

What I also figured out this month is that doing my pilates machine every day is the key. When I do pilates and eat pretty decently during the week that is when I lose my most weight. It's incredible that working out daily really makes a huge difference, even if I cheat a bit.

August was very rough but I'm hoping that my September is better!


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