I've talked many times how much I love Kylie Lip Kits and I wrote a blog post 2 years ago about my favorite colors in the lip kits. They are my favorite liquid lipsticks and the only ones I wear; I swear by the formula because they are super long lasting but I don't really think they are drying. I have tried many more drying liquid lipsticks.

While the liquid lipstick trend has since died down from the start of Kylie Cosmetics, they are still my favorite products from her.

Everyone has their opinion on Kylie Cosmetics and the Kardashian/Jenner clan and some might not enjoy Kylie Cosmetics for the sole reason that Kylie Jenner owns it. I think she is badass and so cool and the fact that she has built this cosmetics company is insane. I love the Kardashians and will forever keep up with them.

I wanted to do a Brand Buzz because I've tried so many different items from Kylie Cosmetics and I figured it was ready. I was going to wait to do this post once I tried the concealers (which is crazy that I haven't yet since concealers are my favorite beauty product) but I'll just do another post when that time comes.

I also figured it would be appropriate to do this post since Kylie's 21st birthday collection launches at 3 PM PST today! 

For now, here are my current favorites and items I would repurchase from Kylie Cosmetics.

1. Twenty Lip Kit: I'm pretty sure I mentioned this lipstick before but I cannot get enough. It was released for Kylie's 20th birthday last year and I have it in that special packaging. I'm so thankful she made it permanent because it is my all time favorite lip color. Kylie describes it as a mid-tone rose brown and that is the perfect description. It's your lips but better color and a splash deeper. Also, I feel like the formula on this is extra good. It's a little creamier and easier to apply than my other lip kit shades. I highly recommend this shade to everyone -- it's my go-to for fall and I can't wait to rock it again.

2. Kristen Lip Kit: I scored this reddish lipstick within the past few months and it's gorgeous. When you want a red lip but don't want to go overboard, Kristen is the perfect shade. It's classified as a warm, reddy brown and I love that description. It's a color you can wear all year round and I've been wearing it a lot more than any other red lipstick this season.

3. Koko Lip Kit: I don't think I mentioned this in my last Kylie post but Koko is my favorite color next to Twenty. It's the perfect pink that leans a little nude and it compliments any makeup look. If I want to rock a liquid lipstick but not feeling bold, Koko is my go to. I've repurchased it twice so far so you know it's my favorite!

4. Vacation Palette: This palette was released last summer and it was one of Kylie's first bigger palettes. I never picked it up and then it went out of stock forever and I lost my chance. At the beginning of the summer, it came back on Kylie's website and there was a promotion going on so I got this palette discounted (Kylie has been doing a lot of promos and sales recently which is great because she never used to do them at the beginning). I have fallen head over heels for this palette! The formula is great -- better than her other eyeshadow palettes and while the colors are very similar, you could really do a lot with it. When I don't know which eyeshadow palette to use, I use this. It is the perfect summer palette and does have a few deeper shades to take you through the colder seasons. I am obsessed with this palette!

5. Creme Lipstick: I was so excited when Kylie launched her Creme lipsticks and wow, they are incredible. They are probably the creamiest lipsticks I've ever used in my life, which is great because my lips are always dry. I have the shade Dulce de Leche and also the Kris Jenner shade ''Give Me a Kiss" and both are so beautiful. I'm obsessed and need the deeper shades for Fall.

*I keep referencing Fall because I am clearly excited.

A few honorable mention liquid lipsticks are Ginger, Brown Sugar, and One Wish.

I do have a Kylie wishlist so I might do that as another post so you can see what I'm eyeing!

Do you like Kylie Cosmetics? Would you try something from her?
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