I've been very open about my anxiety, so open that I even wrote an article for Popsugar about my struggle.

Because of my struggles, I'm always down to try something that'll give me a calming effect. Whether that's HUM Nutrition, Nerve Tonic, my medication, or an herbal tea I will try anything once to get rid of an anxious feeling.

That being said, lately, I've been really interested in all things spiritual. It's very trendy nowadays and I've hooked myself onto it. When I say spiritual, I mean crystals, spiritual healing, auras, etc. I just find it so fascinating and it's something that really interests me.

When the opportunity arose to combine my fascination with spiritual healing and anxiety combating tactics I jumped at it.

My mom's friend is a Reiki healer and I've been wanting to do it for so long; we finally made it work and I got my first Reiki session done last Wednesday.

Reiki is a Japenese technique for stress and relaxation which also promotes healing. It involves the idea of 'life force energy' which basically means that the person performing the Reiki can feel if your energy is low or high.

If your energy is low it means that you're very stressed and are more likely to get sick; if your energy is high, it's the opposite and you have more of a happy, healthy life.

So, this is how my session went...

The healer set up a massage table in my mom's room, she turned off the lights except for one lamp; she diffused a few essential oils and played nice, soothing meditation music.

Before the session started she explained what would happen and what she was going to do. She told me that during the session I might get very hot, very cold, I may fall asleep, I might even cry. What I found very interesting is that she said that she would lightly touch me but New York is the only state that Reiki healers are allowed to touch you during the session. Very interesting...

Well, the session started and I was on my stomach first. She touched my shoulders and then the middle of the back; her hands were incredibly warm and felt as if she put warming oil on them (she didn't.)

After a few minutes on my stomach I flipped over onto my back and this is when the Reiki really started.

She stayed at my head for a few minutes, her hands hovering over me and then moved onto my stomach.

At this point, I didn't feel much. I wasn't hot, I wasn't cold, I was just relaxed and felt my body dip into the table like into another level of relaxation.

However, the moment she got to my stomach I felt an intense pulling like she was pressing very hard into my stomach, right where my belly button is. What really freaked me out was that even after her hands moved away and onto my right foot, I still felt the presence of her hands there.

It lasted for another few minutes until she went to my left leg and I felt a little bit of pulling there. At this point, my hands felt a little numb and I felt a little dizzy; she went onto my head and placed her hands at both my ears. There was an intense vibration in the space between her hands and my head which lasted for a little while.

My hands went became even number and I felt my body sink deeper into the table; at one point I also twitched, similar to the feeling you get when you're about to fall asleep and you feel like you're falling.

After the head, she left the room and let me get my bearings. I laid for a bit and then tried to open my eyes but the room was spinning so I closed them. I tried to get the feeling back into my hands and slowly opened my eyes again after a few minutes. Once I was fully back to myself, I got up and she came back into the room.

She said that at first, she thought I didn't feel anything; when I was on my stomach, she saw blackness all around me. When I flipped over and she was at my head, she still saw black. She was upset that it wasn't working for me but that all changed when she got to my stomach.

The moment she got there, which is when I really felt the Reiki, she saw a huge white light and felt the energy flowing through me. That is my red chakra, which is the root chakra. It controls all the other chakras and should be the one that is the healthiest in order for you to remain in balance. If your red chakra is unbalanced you can feel tired, anxious, and very imbalanced -- this makes perfect sense for me as that is the type of person I am; tired and anxious.

When she got to my left leg, she saw a white light in the shape of a heart. In Reiki and meditation if you see a white light it means angels are nearby, or that a positive energy has entered your aura.

After she left my root chakra, everything was white which she took as good sign. She also felt the vibrations at my head which means the energy was flowing.

She told me to hydrate all night and the following day, and that I may feel a little off the next day as I had my chakras cleansed.

I will say, I did feel oddly at ease and slept really well that night. The following day I was in a great mood and felt really good. The feeling lasted for more than 24 hours -- I was really happy on Thursday night and all day Friday.

I do feel like the Reiki worked and put me back in balance -- and even if it's all in my head, I had a nice relaxing, meditation session.

Will I do Reiki again? 100%! It was such a great experience and I do really believe in the power of spiritual healing; I think it was a great start and introduction to a better spiritual being and life.

Do I recommend Reiki? 100%! I think it's a great form of meditation, even if you don't believe in it. It's not like going to a medium or psychic -- it's almost like going to a Yoga class without the working out! It was super interesting and if you have any interest in these things, I think it's a great introduction.

Have you ever had a Reiki session? Would you ever try it?

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