Nowadays there are always new beauty products being released from all different brands -- heck, there are new brands popping up every day. It's almost too much to keep up with, to keep track of but it's also really exciting.

With every launch comes a new innovation; brands are always coming up with something that we've never seen before, or their own take on a current trend.

Either way, I get super excited for new launches, even if it's something as similar as an eyeliner.

Something else that brings up excitement for me is the beginning of a new season. In my opinion, the best launches happen at the beginning of a season and I think summer is super exciting. There are all different SPF products, new makeup technologies and just a bunch of other fun stuff.

Out of all the launches that have happened so far this season, below is what I'm most excited for.

Ole Henkrison Cold Plunge Pore Mask: Put anything 'cold plunge' in a name and I'm going to want to try it. The description for this pore clearing mask is that it's supposed to mimic the feeling of a Scandinavian cold plunge, immersing your skin in pure ice. I want to experience that so badly! It sounds so refreshing in the summer heat and I can't wait to get my hands on this mask.

Flesh Foundation Stick: Flesh is a new brand under the Revlon umbrella and the big thing about this is that there are over 40 foundation stick shades in the first release. Nowadays, that is a super big deal. I took a look on Ulta's website and Flesh is coming out with a lot of new products that look really cool. I love a foundation stick so I am excited to try this new one out.

Dior Backstage Foundation: For someone who doesn't wear a lot of foundation, this is the 2nd foundation on this list. It was released this week and The Coveteur did a special article on it. It was identified as the foundation that Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day and that is all the reason I need to purchase something.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum: This is a little bit of a cheat because I already purchased this item and it's en route to me. This was a launch that I actually wrote down in my calendar and was super giddy about. It's a bronzed serum that has anti-pollutant properties to protect your skin from environmental stressors. Pollution protective products are going to be having a moment starting now and I'm all in on them. I will report back on this product as soon as I fully test it!

Sephora After Sun Sheet Mask: This product isn't super new and has been in my Sephora shopping cart a few times. After being super sunburned and exhausted from the sun this weekend, I think my skin really could've used this mask. It's a good product to have in your arsenal this summer.

What beauty launches are you excited for?

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