Another month has come and gone and so must another favorite's post. I've been very inspired recently in so many ways and I think that is probably my favorite of May.

This month I did more writing, brainstorming, meal prepping, and searching the Internet (mostly Instagram and Pinterest) for things that make me feel ambitious. This month, I also struggled a lot with my anxiety but I'm taking care of it and starting to feel better.

May felt very long but it was a lot of fun; I had my sister's college graduation, some family get-togethers and two baseball games with my best friends. All of this made me really excited for the summer so stay tuned for some more fun, summer content (maybe!)

I shall stop rambling, as usual, and get into my favorites of the month.

1. NARS Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm: Give me this lip balm or give me death. Orgasm is my favorite shade of everything, ever. I have it in blush, liquid blush, lipstick, lipgloss, and now lip balm form. When I saw this was coming out a few months ago, I patiently waited for a release date. I ordered this on the Sephora app the moment I saw it go live and it was at my doorstep two days later. I am obsessed with this lip balm. It feels great on my lips and gives a touch of hydration while leaving you with a shimmery, luscious look lip. The packaging is also very luxurious -- it feels expensive and is the most gorgeous shade of pink. I'm not sure if it's permanent but if it's not, I will be buying at least 2-3 backups.

PS: As I write this, I see that NARS released an Orgasm Lip Laquer on so guess what I am going to be purchasing?!

2. Laura Geller Quench-n-Tint Hydrating Foundation: I've mentioned this before but I need to again. I've been obsessively wearing this every day this month and it's because of the weather shif.. The name says foundation but I believe it's really a tinted moisturizer, even more moisturizer than tint. It is ultra hydrating, sheer coverage, and just very easy to go on. For it being light coverage it really does make your skin look gorgeous. Two new shades were just released so I highly recommend checking it out! 

3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull: If you couldn't figure out from my review this month, (with horrible photos might I add) I am obsessed with this bag. I now have two and I think I really need a third. I need all the Neverfulls because I never want another bag (not true, I want so many bags) but I need as many Neverfulls as I could get. It's the best bag I have ever or will ever own.

4. Tory Burch Logo Cuff: I saw this bracelet in a blog post by Katey McFarlan aka Chronicles of Frivolity months and months ago. I never purchased it because I couldn't find it and it was very expensive. Well, this month I took the plunge and ordered it off of eBay for like 70% off. I want to wear it every day and I basically do. It goes with everything, seems a little dressy but can also be worn casual, and I love the logo. Logos are BACK and this is the perfect way to welcome them.

*It's now available in silver and I think I need this one too.

5. Le Pens: I've been lusting after these pens for years and I really don't have an explanation of why it took me so long to purchase them. They are hands down the best pens I've ever used in my life. I have found perfection in these pens, in multiple colors and I never want to be without them. They're the perfect mix of gel/ballpoint/felt pens, don't bleed or smear, and dry instantly. I write so nice with them and they feel comfortable in your hand despite being so thin. Buy them, you will not regret it.

What were your favorites this month?

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