This isn't the traditional manicure Monday because I'm not wearing any of these polishes at the moment (as I'm writing this I'm without any polish!) but these are my favorite summer colors.

Thursday is the first day of summer so this week is dedicated to all things summertime! It's not my favorite season but with the mild weather we've been having here in New York, I'm actually pretty excited. After a really hard, cold winter I'm looking forward to the warm sun and sitting by the pool, and doing fun outdoor activities.

But first I wanted to start off with one of my favorite things and something I know well-- nail polish.

Whenever the season changes I've been over that nail polish theme for a while and ready for something new. These are the colors in the past few years, and right now, I'm really excited to rock in the warm weather.

A few are old favorites, a few are new to my collection this year but all of them are super pretty, great formulas, and in fact, they are all Essie polishes.

Bikini So Teeny: This is the most classic summer shade that took over the world a few years ago. I definitely get the most wear out of this color and it's by far one my favorites of all time. There is something so beautifully summery about it, I can't get enough.

Pret-A-Surfer: I classify this as Bikini So Teeny's older, darker sister. It has a similar color but is much deeper. It looks gorgeous when you have a fresh from the beach tan and I'm obsessed. I've repurchased this shade and Bikini So Teeny more than once so you know I mean business!

Barbados Blue: This is new to my collection but I've quickly fallen for it. It's sheerer than the others but has a gorgeous ocean blue shift to it. When I look at it, I see only summer and it looks even better on the nails. *I can't find this online anywhere but Saltwater Happy is slightly similar

Status Symbol: Think of the most beautiful candy, hot pink your mind could imagine. That is what Status Symbol is. It's a unique pink that gives you the best of both worlds: candy, baby pink with a handful of fuschia. It's gorgeous and looks great on the nails! *I can't find this shade either but Bachelorette Bash is close enough

E-nuf is e-nuf: It's not summer without a bit of coral polish, is it? This is a mixture of a coral and pink but once applied to the nails pulls more coral/orange. It's the ideal summer shade!

Haute in the Heat: With a name like that how do I not put it on this list? It's a true hot pink but a shade or two darker than the typical hot pink. I'm obsessed and feel so girly when I wear it!

Here are a few other shades that I simply love but don't own at the moment:
What are your favorite summer nail polish shades?
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