Spring is HERE and I am pumped about it. I mean, it might not even be spring but summer because it hit 90 degrees in New York the past two days and it is glorious.

I said it last week when it was first nice out, but I think I am officially excited for the spring and summer. I was off from work yesterday for a dentist appointment and then afterward my mom and I went to my aunt's house and sat in her yard.

How I spent Thursday:
Ouai Son of a Beach Ombre Spray
PVC Amazon Fashion Bag
Kate Spade Sunglasses (similar)
Meghan A Hollywood Princess book

I am nowhere near ready for the warm weather; no pedicure, no tan, and no shoes/clothes that fit me so I wasn't really tanning but enjoying the sun. It was incredible and felt so good! I got a bit of color and it was so refreshing to get some Vitamin D.

I am vowing that this summer I will make the most of it, unlike past years. I want to go to the beach and do more fun things -- this WILL be a good summer.

This weekend will be lowkey; I'll be with friends tonight and then tomorrow is filled with errands and heading to the gym. I've been obsessed with Trader Joe's so definitely expect a post about all my favorite items from TJ's!

Here's everything I've been loving this week:

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:
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