As I mentioned in last week's Book Review Wednesday, I'm really into books. I've finished like 4 books in the past few days, whether that was audiobooks or real books, but I'm making great headway.

I've learned that I read faster when I have an actual book so I've been upping the hardcover (or paperback) book game.

However, this was the last audiobook I read and it really threw me for a loop.

I'm not really sure where I heard about "Pretty Girls Dancing" from but I'm glad I did. It's the classic kidnapping story where a missing girl sends everyone into a frenzy.

You have her parents, her sister, and the local cop all giving their POV throughout the book which creates some depth and gives you more insight into how people are dealing with this tragedy.

However, this book is slightly different because it deals with a serial kidnapper and two missing girls.

Whitney goes missing after meeting a boy she talked to online, and the town wonders if this is the same kidnapper that took Kelsey, 7 years ago.

We see Kelsey's parents and sister's POV and how the kidnapping of Whitney is affecting them. We also get an inside look at how they've dealt with their missing daughter/sister over the past 7 years.

Kelsey has massive social anxiety, her mother is a borderline drug addict, and her father is a workaholic.

Then we have Mark Foster, the detective on Whitney's case who is doing his best to find the missing girl alive. When he starts to notice a few similar things between Whitney and Kesley's cases, he does some deep digging to figure out the case and hopefully bring both girls home alive.

I really enjoyed this book and I found myself speeding up the reading rate to find out what happened even faster. I basically couldn't stop listening and even when I was so close to finding out the truth, I had to listen to the end of the book at home (I am very strict in that I only listen to audiobooks on my commute but this couldn't wait).

I thought all the characters were well developed without having too much detail because really, the story wasn't about them. You also read quite a bit in Whitney's point of view, and you so badly were rooting for her against the kidnapper.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of goriness but I was glad that this book didn't have any sexual abuse. Sometimes, that really sends me over the edge so a good classic, kidnapping is fine with me.

You will have your ideas through the book who the kidnapper is, and the author will even throw you off a few times but when you do find out, it's well worth it and is a juicy little twist.

This wasn't too dark and twisted but had some nice mystery elements to it so I recommend, even if this genre doesn't thrill you (pun intended).

What are you currently reading?
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