My reading habit has picked back up and is really better than ever. I am invested in all the books I'm reading and wanted to try something new, from a new author.

Cass Green caught my eye with this "In A Cottage in a Wood" novel. It's based around a woman, Neve, who comes across Isabelle on a bridge (in England) one stormy night. Suddenly, the woman jumps off the bridge and leaves Neve in the dust.

Afterwards, Neve's life falls apart (more than it already was) and just when she needs it most, Isabelle sends her a gift from beyond the grave.

Isabelle leaves Neve a cottage in a small village outside of London.

With nowhere to live, and nowhere to really go but up, Neve travels to the cottage that now belongs to her and is surprised at what she finds...

A cottage that holds a lot of secrets about Isabelle, and the life she lived.

Along the way, Neve discovers a lot about herself and it all comes crashing down in an epic twist at the end.

It was a twist I didn't see coming and was top 5, one of the best twists I've discovered in these mystery books.

I loved listening to this book because the narrators were really great, and I love anyone who talks to me in a British accent.

*Has anyone else noticed that so many of these types of novels always take place in England?

This was sort of a slow moving book, and it was a little weird because I didn't understand how or why Isabelle left this cottage to NEve -- and at the end it made total sense.

I also wasn't a huge fan of Neve as a protagonist. She was a bit annoying and I just wanted to scream at her at certain points; it was silly things like her thought process and her actions.

This book didn't have me on the edge of my seat the entire time, however, the twist at the end was raelly worth it and it was a very interesting story. There were a lot of sub plot lines woven into the big picture and it was great to see it all play out.

It was a quick listen/read so I highly recommend if you need something to get you by!

*There are rarely books that I DON'T like so I know it seems that I give every book a glowing review.

What have you read recently?
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