Weekly Wrap Up: Week 39

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Happy Friday!

This week went by very fast but then Thursday came and it felt like it was moving at a glacial pace.

 Does getting robbed make the days move faster? I feel like it does...

Yes, if you missed Tuesday's post, my bag was robbed from my car. It had everything but the kitchen sink in it and I was pretty devastated. It was violating and even though it was just 'stuff', it was rattling.

I've started the process of replacing all my belongings that were in the bag and even used a smaller bag for work this week, which was great because I got more use out of one of my favorite Kate Spade bags.

In other news, I purchased a new blog planner for 2018 and I cannot wait for it to get here. I've been very conflicted on how I want to plan for the blog because I think I'm getting a little tired of my old method. 

I get bored easily, clearly, so I always try to shake things up a bit. I think my Louis Vuitton agenda is just too small and I don't like printing my own pages.

Onto other things...

November is finally here but yesterday was 70 degrees and today it's supposed to be 72 degrees. I was freezing this week, slept with 2 blankets and the heat on. It was GLORIOUS and I was so happy... maybe that's why the week went fast? But now we're back to the weird climate change weather and I'm miz again.

This weekend will be spent at the gym, buying some new, November candles, and relaxing. I'll also be doing some writing and hopefully be productive.

Here's what I loved this week:
Here's what you missed on Royally Pink:
Have a great weekend!
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