I didn't realize it until I started working in the beauty industry but in retail, the holiday season starts at the end of September and that is usually when you start seeing all the beauty companies putting out their holiday sets.

It can be very overwhelming to log onto the New Arrivals section of Sephora and Ulta during the holidays because there are so many sets and limited edition product to choose from. Most companies don't release permanent items during this time but may introduce something that is limited edition to get an idea of how customers react to it.

While the end of September/early October is a little early to really consider holiday shopping (in most cases), I like to scoop up some of the sets I know I definitely want and might sell out. Usually, once holiday sets are sold out, they won't come back in stock. Sometimes though, you get lucky and the retailer does restock. I like to shop early just in case.

I can do this because well, I'm not shopping these sets for other people, I'm shopping for myself LOL.

When I was presented with all my options this year, I knew there wasn't going to be much I wanted. None of the Too Faced or Benefit stuff intrigued me, I don't need or necessarily want a limited edition eyeshadow palette and to put it simply, I don't need a lot of other stuff that's available.

I only picked up two items so far and I'm contemplating a few other ones.

When I saw the eyeshadow palette that Becca was releasing, I wanted that so badly but then after much consideration and a few reviews, I opted against it. I was glad when I did because then I saw the face palette Becca released and fell in love.

First, the packaging is incredible. I'm obsessed with icy blue this season and I think I blame this packaging. I feel like Queen Elsa when I use this palette and I love it! I don't have any of the colors in the palette so it's well worth it for me. The formulas great and the colors are perfect for winter -- I highly recommend picking this palette up if you love Becca, loved limited edition items, and love face palettes!

The other item I purchased was one from Bite Beauty. I got the Champagne Discovery Lip Set because I've been dying to try the lip gloss and Multi Stick lipstick. Also, my love of Champagne things has not faltered this year. It's also three full-size items for $35 so you cannot go wrong with this one.

The outer box is so adorable because it has 'I WISH' embedded in it so it has the touch of holiday cheer without being cheesy. The products inside aren't limited edition and are great quality -- I've been wearing all of them nonstop.

Like I said, I only bought these two holiday items so far but below are some others I have my eye on and some that I think would make great gifts for the beauty lover in your life:

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