Last week in New York we had a huge cold front. It was super weird because it felt like December weather, not early November. I've mentioned it here before and I'm sure you're not blind to it either: the weather has been wild and it's wrecking havoc on all parts of me: my health, my routine, my skin and my hair.

You never really think it but hair definitely gets affected by the weather; I mean, frizz when it's humid in the summer and static in the winter, it makes sense.

My hair is very sensitive to the weather and change of seasons (like all other parts of me) so I've figured out just how to treat my hair during these trying, colder times. 

There are a few tricks I do, a few products I use, and one tip that is a little more drastic but just hear me out.

1. Clean, healthy scalp: Your scalp should always be clean and clear but sometimes it's hard to keep up with it. It's not just about washing your hair every few days, it's making sure you're using good for you products that won't irritate your scalp. My scalp gets super itchy in the winter, but especially at the start of a new season when the temperature goes up and down. I've talked about my scalp issues before but I just got a new product that I think is going to be very promising. Also, I try to use scalp sensitive shampoos like this Dove one I just picked up. If you have a healthy scalp that is nourished and clean, the rest of your hair will look fabulous. 

2. Heat Protectant: I style my hair very frequently in the winter as opposed to letting it air dry in the summer. Sometimes I will sleep with a wet head but I'm really going to try not too because I just wake up with a cold. No matter what kind of styling you do, you need to protect your hair from becoming a burnt mess. I always spray my hair with a heat protectant, it's usually a multiple use product but there are a lot of good heat protectants out there (I'll link below). The heat protectant will basically protect your hair from any heat and won't let it burn and be damaged. It's a definite must to keep your hair healthy.

3. Frizz & Static: My hair is always a bit frizzy and even though the winter doesn't cause frizz necessarily, sometimes when I'm all bundled up and I start to sweat, my hair frizzes. More than anything, there is so much static that happens when the weather is cold. I always use a hair oil after my hair is styled but there's this new static spray that I really want to try. I also love these EVA NYC sheets to keep in my bag and defrizz and de-static when necessary. 

4. Glaze: This is the drastic thing I was talking about. I've done a glaze a few times during the winter months and it just makes my hair feel so incredible. A glaze is a semi-permanent hair color that coats the hair with color and shine, but you can also get a colorless glaze to just keep the hair nice and shiny. You can read all about glazes here but I really love how it makes my hair feel in the winter! The best part is that it's not permanent so no need to fret!

ESalon sent me these incredible little infographics to share with you. I think they summarize all the important hair facts you need to know, especially how to care for your hair in the fall and winter.

One of my favorite tips is to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. When I get a keratin I have to use these types of shampoos so I usually just use them all year round.

Below are some of my favorite hair care products to use to keep my hair in great condition.

What are your favorite haircare products to keep your locks healthy?
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