Is anyone tired of my Kate Spade obsession? I apologize if you are but I don't think it's going anywhere...

The new fall collection just dropped last week and I was head over heels. I was so obsessed that I actually became overwhelmed with how many things I wanted.

Kate Spade is everything you could want in a designer; fun, whimsical, feminine, chic, practical and adorable. They have something for everyone; if you want a handbag with a bulldog, they have that but if you prefer a simple black handbag, they have that too.

I truly believe that there is something for everyone in this brand and you can definitely find what you're looking for. The customer service is also impeccable and before working in customer service, I didn't realize how important that was in a brand.

I've already purchased these adorable taxi cab earrings from the new collection and am planning on ordering some more items very, very soon.

Now onto handbags...

I've been lusting for a new handbag for a while and I've sold a few to make room for the new ones. I write these handbag posts a lot and never really end up buying them but I am very confident that I will get every single bag on this list. I didn't even make the below image to post on the blog -- I made it as wishlist on my phone to keep my eye on the prize.

Cameron St Lane Olive Drive BridgetteNouveau York New York Francis
Olive Drive CorinMake it Mine ByrdieOff the Grid Charging Crossbody

I will hopefully be getting the Cameron St Lane bag within the next few weeks and then I'm gunning for the 2nd bag, the Olive Drive Brigette. 

I will probably ask for the Make it Mine Byrdie for my birthday along with some of the interchangeable flaps

Kate Spade released a ton of new charging handbags and products so I will either get the bag above or the wristlet

I am really feeling this collection and maybe it's because fall is in the air or because it's a kick-ass collection but either way, Kate Spade has not steered me wrong! 

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