A few weeks ago when I was at Ulta for a work event I came across the Essie display and a color caught my eye. I feel like I hadn't seen this color before and I was intrigued.

Barbados Blue is a gorgeous irridescent baby blue shade that screams summer. It's not like anything I have in my collection and to me, just seemed like a really unique shade.

I didn't pick it up that day but I was on a mission to find it. Barbados Blue isn't a new shade to Essie's collection, it's at least three years old but I was shocked to know that I've never seen it before.

I couldn't find it in my local drugstores but found it online at Ulta. I ordered it when I ordered my Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and couldn't wait to use it.

I painted my nails last Monday and there was minimal chipping on Saturday and some of that was my fault for picking it off. It's definitely one of the more long wearing polishes.

This is definitely a summer color so I'll be getting as much wear out of it over the next two months.

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