I did my first Little Loves post a while back and never continued the series. I figured I'd do another one since it's been so long since my last.

There are things that I discover every day, whether they're new or something I've rediscovered in my collection, and I don't always get to share them with you. They may be included in monthly favorites or in a beauty post but sometimes things just don't fall into that category.

That's why I wanted to do a small roundup here.

Here are a few little loves that I've had lately!

Kate Spade Charm Bracelet: A few months ago I got a hankering for a charm bracelet. I don't know where it came from but I haven't had one in forever. I saw that Kate Spade had one and I quickly bought it along with a few adorable charms. I have a hashtag, a pair of glasses, and a champagne bottle. I've been wearing it nonstop the past few months and it's so nice. It doesn't make a lot of noise and doesn't feel annoying on your wrist, which is essential for me in a bracelet. It's definitely something I'd consider as a gift for someone else (or for yourself!). Below are some other charms that are super fun and cute.

Watches: Another piece of jewelry that I was never really on board with, watches. I have had a few in my lifetime but I never got much use out of them. Lately, though, I've been loving them, especially my new Rose Gold Metal Kate Spade watch. I bought mine off of Tradesy but here is a similar one. I always felt that metal watches were a little too manly for me but a smaller size, and in rose gold, is the perfect touch of feminity.

Babe Magnet Essential Oil: I recently got this essential oil from Evil Queen, my favorite candle company ever, and I'm obsessed. She had been teasing us for a while on Instagram that she was going to release rollerball oils so when she posted them online for pre-order, I got my hands on one immediately. Babe Magnet Potion (she calls them potions, how cute!) is made with Frankincense, Bergamot, Mandarin, and Apricot Oil. They all have their own little uses in the oil but basically, this potion is supposed to enhance your mood and I definitely feel like it works.

Barnes and Noble Nook E-Reader: I have been a lover of the e-reader ever since the first Nook was released in 2009. I had the first ever Nook and fell in love. I have to admit that I was against it at first but once I realized how much money I was spending and how much room my books took up, I warmed up to the idea. My first Nook broke and I got the Simple Touch shortly after because I couldn't be without it. After I got my iPad, my Nook took a backseat but I recently found it in my room and became obsessed. I love supporting Barnes and Noble, and I love that the Nook screen is not colored. It's black and white so I don't feel like I'm reading on a computer. I also love that there is no Internet so I don't get distracted by Twitter or any other app. My Nook is solely for reading and I love it. The Simple Touch doesn't exist anymore but the GlowLight is very similar.

What have you been loving lately?

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