Since I was little I've been a natural worrier. After 9/11 my parents had to get me a dog to keep me occupied and my mind off of the terrorist attack -- that's how big of a worrier I was and still am.

That worry has since translated into stress and anxiety; in high school and college I was stressed about everything and in between, the anxiety struck. I've discussed my anxiety before but don't think I ever really wrote an entire post dedicated to how I deal with it. Stress and anxiety go hand in hand for me now because if I'm stressed out, it creates anxiety and if I have anxiety, it causes stress.

I also want to make sure I write this more generally so that even if you're a college student dealing with the stress of exams or student activities, you can find an answer in this too.

Whether you're feeling like you can't breathe because of an anxiety attack or because you're drowning in stress, I hope something in this post can help you!

  • Nerve Tonic: I am NOT A DOCTOR but I need to mention this. I wrote an entire post about this pill two years ago but felt like I needed to mention it again. I've gone through so many bottles since discovering it after I graduated but it's worth it. Whenever I feel an anxiety attack coming on, or just so much anxiety that I can't focus, I'll take two pills and I feel the cloud lift. I don't know what it is, but I promise it helps. Hylands creates a lot of pills for babies and children I really trust them. ALSO, I'm not addicted and haven't had any side effects and like I've said, I've been taking them for years.
  • Essentials Oils: Since discovering essentials oils I've fallen in love. I have a diffuser and bought these off of Amazon and diffuse constantly. Whenever I feel very stressed out, I close my bedroom door, turn the lights out, and lay in bed while lavender oils diffuse. I also carry around this calming roller ball that I apply to my pulse points whenever I'm a little too high strung
  • Water: I just bought this swell bottle so I am always equipped with a good amount of water, no matter where I am. I already drink a lot of water (besides coffee and tea, it's the only thing I drink) but I found that drinking water helps ease my anxiety and stress. It could be in my head but I feel like I read that somewhere...
  • Candles: This is probably my favorite thing on the list -- I'm addicted to candles. Whenever I need a pick me up I turn on my string lights and light a few candles and it immediately calms me down. I cannot stop buying Evil Queen candles so they're currently my favorite to burn. The smell and vibe of a good candle is enough to ease any trouble! 
  • Movies, TV, books: Whenever I'm really in a funk, I try to occupy my mind so a good book or television show (or a Youtube binge) is just what the doctor ordered.
When stress is getting the best of you, it's important to just remember that it will pass. You can get through any trouble you're experiencing and to just take a minute, take a deep breath, and restart your mind. Take a few minutes for yourself, take a walk, or lock yourself in your room -- tell your roommates or parents that you need to just be alone for an hour or so to recharge. Taking that time for yourself is very important for your mental health.

If you're in college and you had a really rough week and the last thing you want to do is go out drinking all night, that's ok. Tell your friends you'll see them tomorrow and get some pizza, a good movie, and turn the lights out early. The bar will still be there on Saturday -- take your Friday to rest and recharge, you'll be happy you did! 

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What are your suggestions for de-stressing?
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