Is anyone else excited to see something else besides a thriller being reviewed on the blog? I am and I'm the one writing/reading!

I've been out on my audiobook game for a while and whatever was being reviewed over the past few months were books I finished a while ago. I've heavily been into the podcast game on my commute but I haven't let my actual reading game slip.

I bought this book on a whim a few months ago and finished it a few weeks back. It was a super quick read but really informative.

"The Glitter Plan" follows the journey of Pam & Gela, the creators of Juicy Couture, the fashion house we all wore in the early 2000s and loved dearly. I was really interested in seeing how the business started and get any advice I could from the founders of one of the biggest companies to splash onto the scene.

The book follows how Pam and Gela met, and how they started out together in business with a maternity line (!!!) and then wanted to find the perfect t-shirt. That is how Juicy was born.

It takes you along for the ride and really shows you how the ladies started the business from the ground up; they brought their kids and dogs to work, modeled the clothes on themselves, and were even dying and cutting up t-shirts on their own. It was so interesting to read about their humble beginnings, and all throughout the book, you can tell that they kept themselves grounded.

The beginning was a bit slow and boring but only because I was ready to get to when they named their brand 'Juicy Couture' and when they started making sweatsuits.

I will not tell a lie, when they talked about how the velour sweatsuit came to be (right after the terrycloth sweatsuits which I had no idea, I always assumed velour came first) I got the chills up and down my body. I legit almost teared up because it was this 'ah-ha' moment of when P&G's lives changed and when they made their mark in the fashion industry.

The book takes you straight through the rise and fall of Juicy Couture; they tell you all about how they sold the business to Liz Clairborne and how they knew it was time to leave.

It was so interesting to see their journey and how much they loved their business, and how hard it was for them to leave it.

At the end of each chapter, there was a summary of business tips that directly correlate to the what the chapter was about.

The book was part business manual, part memoir and I thought that it fit really well. It wasn't overly businessy and serious but more fun and quirky, just what you would expect from the ladies that brought you hot pink velour sweatsuits.

I thought as a business manual, it was quite useful. It shows how hard success is to come by but how you can really do it if you're down to get dirty. As a memoir, I thought it was equally great; you got an inside look at how they rose to the top and how it affected their lives.

If you're someone who is really into business/self-help books and someone who LOVES fashion, I HIGHLY recommend this! You have nothing to lose by reading it but everything to gain!


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