I am by no means a traveling expert because I haven't been a ton of places. But, recently, I've been traveling more for work; whether it's a weekend trip or a longer period of time, I can pack accordingly. *I did this post back at the beginning of 2016 on how I pack for a weekend work trip

As you read this, I'm in Florida for my annual work trip for an Ulta Conference and I spent the weekend packing my life away. I'll be gone 4 nights & 5 days so I brought more stuff than usual and checked a suitcase.

I have a lot of new travel accessories that made packing a lot easier and I wanted to share how I packed this time around.

What I used:

So, I start by rolling my clothes* and putting them on the bottom of my suitcase. The Target suitcase is super roomy, very lightweight, and comes with multiple compartments to help pack efficiently. It even came with a little extra bag that I assume would be used for laundry but I used it to put two pairs of shoes in.

*Rolling your clothes is best to maximize space and it works out really well for me.

After all my clothes are laid out, I stack on top. I'm not that concerned with my clothes being wrinkled, I can't remember the last time I ironed my clothes.

In the Lilly Pulitzer bags, I put my underwear, socks, and bras so that goes on top. I also had a pair of new, unworn shoes that I stuck in a corner.

I added two extra bags that I wanted to bring with me, my Gigi New York Clutch & my Mila mini backpack from Danielle Nicole.  If you really wanted too, you could pack things inside these bags to free up some extra space.

In one of the slip pockets on the side of the suitcase, I put two delicate, fancy shirts that I may not want to touch anything else.

I added my skincare bag on top of everything and will add my makeup brushes and jewelry case.

My carry on is going to be my Louis Vuitton Keepall 45; in there I'll keep a pair of flip-flops, possibly my makeup bag, a book, laptop, iPad, chargers, hat, sunglasses, etc. Anything I may need the moment I get off the plane, when I'm waiting in the airport, or on the plane will go in there. If you don't have anything over the liquid limit according to skincare, this would also be a good place to keep it.

In addition to the carry on, I'll bring my NEW Kate Spade bag as a handbag where I'll keep headphones, my cell phone, wallet, etc.

A few tips to stay organized: 
  • Make a list of what you know you'll need to pack
  • Write out what you will be doing each day you're away so you know what kind of outfit to bring
  • Enlist the help of travel accessories to pack things in; don't just throw jewelry, socks, underwear, chargers, etc into a bag.

I know that this was kind of straight forward but these are my favorite posts to read, almost like 'whats in my bag' so I figured I'd share! Plus, I wanted to offer some tips for organization as I'm an organization freak.

I highly recommend checking out the Design Love Fest collab with Target because she has a ton of great travel accessories. Also, I know I shared a lot of Henri Bendel but they are the best in terms of travel accessories in my opinion, and I have a few more that are on my list. They're a bit pricier but sign up for their emails to be notified of sales *they are ALWAYS having sales, especially on their travel stuff!*

I hope this helped in some way! Happy travels!

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