Good morning! If you're on the East Coast, I bet you're laying in bed with coffee instead of being at work because we are getting SLAMMED by the Stella Blizzard. Lucky me, the subway near my house is shut down and I'm pretty sure my office is closed, therefore I'm working from home.

I love nothing more than a good snow day but if you've ever kept up with this blog, you knew that already. I'm in my prime right now and ugh, it's utter perfection!

I'm not bothered by this blizzard as much as I would be if it was in April because even though I love snow and the cold, I hate climate change so March is still acceptable for me to be excited for a wicked blizzard.

I'll be lounging, working, and blogging today with coffee and junk food so I hope you enjoy your snow day as well!

I didn't post yesterday because I originally had a Manicure Monday planned but then realized I hadn't taken photos of my new nail polish before I removed it, and the weekend was busy and I didn't have a chance. I also was exhausted from Daylight Savings Time (anyone else?!) so I just needed a break.

My mom is in Florida on vacation so I drove her to the airport on Saturday and then headed out to the cemetery to visit my dad and grandfather's graves. It was quite adventurous, even though that seems very inappropriate to say but the cemetery was covered with snow *I guess Long Island had a bit more snow on Friday than NYC* and I was freezing; my legs went numb from looking for the headstones and then my jacket broke... so it was interesting.

Afterwards, I headed to the Walt Whitman shops in Huntington, LI and HOLY CRAP, it's the best mall ever and I will be going there constantly. There are so many high end stores but also regular mall stores like Victoria Secrets and Sephora. My favorite part was by far the Henri Bendel & Kate Spade stores... heaven on earth!

I went there to drop off my Louis Vuitton luggage tag to get monogrammed and then to return something to Henri Bendel. I bought this tote bag but realized that it was a bit unnecessary for me. I exchanged it for this gorgeous bag that I have been lusting after for a solid year. They had in stock, and it was on sale so I thought I mind as well pick it up.

*Sunday was a classic Italian dinner at my grandparent's house at 3 PM so my Sunday was truly packed along with headed back to Walt Whitman.

You've seen my post about the Louis Vuitton + Tradesy obsession and my blog planner post, but the collection has gotten bigger. I'll do a post on that soon, but I purchased a pre-loved Keepall 45 and that's where I got the luggage tag.

Hot stamping at Louis Vuitton is free and they do such a fantastic job. I didn't have a dustbag, box, or bag and when I picked it up, they packaged it so nicely. Louis Vuitton is the epitome of class for me and I'd be content with never buying another luxury brand.

Anywho... I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on the weekend; I had a different post scheduled for today but with the snowday, I just felt like posting something else.

This is the luggage tag I was talking about -- so cute!
There's nothing better than a coffee & croissant 
I love my city

I've been loving ShopBetches lately and I got this sweatshirt which I've been obsessed with

The cutest little sample from Sephora

That's all for now... see you tomorrow!
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