I've been talking about BrunchCon since I purchased tickets at the beginning of February. When I heard the words Brunch & Con together I knew I wanted to go but I didn't think I actually go. It felt like the type of event I thought about going to but never would; it was not the case this time!

My big and I (big sister in my sorority) purchased our tickets on a whim after G-Chatting her at work saying we should get them before they sold out. This was a Tuesday... they were sold out by Thursday.

I'd been counting down the days, getting all my brunch stuff ready, and just couldn't wait to be in my element with all the other basic bitches in Manhattan.

I don't know what I was expecting from BrunchCon but I just knew it would be a day of eating and drinking and lots of brunch fun.

BrunchCon NYC took place in downtown Brooklyn at the Grand Prospect Hall. It's a catering hall that was decorated so incredibly gaudy (extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless) to the point where it almost seemed ironic.

YOOOO These donuts were so GOOOOOOOOOD

I arrived at Grand Prospect Hall around 10:40 and my big was already on line. We were in the doors by 11, which is exactly what we were told. 

We waited on a few lines and were then checked in, handed 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 knife, and 1 champagne flute to last us the entire day. I thought this was really weird -- how am I expected to carry these things around while trying to enjoy myself and take photos? It just put me off a bit.

We checked our coats and went upstairs to the main room where all the vendors were. The way this was laid out was that there were different sections with different vendors. Once you went into a section you tasted all the vendors; once you were out, you couldn't go back in. BrunchCon officials were checking off your sections as you entered so you couldn't go back in once you were done.

We were able to go to every vendor and I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but almost confused. All the vendors were just giving out tastings of their food, no where near full size food. Maybe it was just me being naive but I was expecting bigger portions. 

There was everything from donuts to nachos to pastries to mac & cheese. I will say there was some food I didn't taste and vendors we skipped because they just weren't up to our liking. 

My favorite foods were: cheddar stuffed sausage from The Vanderbilt, biscuits from Butter & Scotch, cold brew coffee from Cafe Grumpy , and empanadas from a place I CANNOT REMEMBER! 

I had 2 delicious mimosas from the Mimosa Bar, a Margarita, a DELICIOUS cocktail from St. Germain Liquor, and a classic Moscato Spritzer from Barefoot. I had a nice buzz going on and honestly was full by the time I left but it could've been that I had just mixed too much liquor LOL

There was supposed to be a speed dating event and a hangover lounge but I did not see either of these things; also, it was incredibly messy. There was garbage EVERYWHERE; on the floor, on tables, on food vendors' tables. It was kind of gross. 

I personally had a good time; the lines were long but I didn't feel like I was really waiting in line because you basically just ate your way through the lines. It was crowded but I've been to GenBeauty and other conventions and they're just as crowded -- that's what happens at these things.

The reviews online about BrunchCon are HORRIBLE. Literally, if you're part of the Facebook group event, you'll see people ripping them apart. I do agree with almost everything they're saying; it wasn't organized enough, the trash pile up was gross, there wasn't enough alcohol, and I thought the portions were a joke. I still enjoyed myself though and stayed until the end. I had fun with my big and talked to a few people about what food and drinks they were enjoying. 

I personally don't think it was a disaster like others are saying online but it had it moments; I wouldn't  buy a ticket for next year and I don't know if I can honestly recommend the event. I had a good time but knowing what I know now, I'm not sure if it was worth a $55 ticket.

*I don't like doing bad reviews but I was planning on doing this post despite whether I had a grand ole time or not so here we are!

*I did find my new favorite coffee -- the Cafe Grumpy Cold Brew was so delicious I need to take stock in bottles!

Have you been to a BrunchCon? Were any of you there on Sunday? Let me know in the comments!

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