I am a huge candle person. I don't know when it started; I've always liked candles but was never as passionate as I am about them right now. I probably had a few in college but it wasn't until post college that I truly fell in love.

I loved how they make my feel; calming, ethereal, and soothing. They make the entire house smell good and I'm immediately happy whenever I light one.

They are definitely more of a fall/winter thing for me. Is there anything better than Bath & Body Works from September-December?

I usually strictly buy Bath and Body Works candles because I personally feel that they smell the best, last pretty long, and I love the kitchy names and scents. Also, you never have to buy them full price. There is always a sale and always a coupon.

I was die hard BBW fan... until I somehow discovered Evil Queen. I'm pretty sure I've talked about it here before but I feel the need to dedicate an entire Brand Buzz post to ShopEvilQueen & their candles.

I discovered the company this past Fall and loved their fall/winter collection, and lusted after a few staples in their collection.

All the candles are very sassy, sweet, and cute. I love anything with funny meanings and sayings and that is exactly what Evil Queen is. I mean, with a name like Evil Queen what else do you expect?

What sparked this post was that I recently ordered two more candles from the company last week and the packaged arrived yesterday. I always get confused during the pre-spring/spring season as to what kind of candles I want. I don't really like spring or summer scents so it's very difficult to find scents I do like; I usually go with something musky but not too wintery.

Now, that problem is something I no longer have to deal with because Evil Queen has candles that don't really fall within a seasonal category so it's nice to have options.

The candles that I recently ordered are Bitches Who Brunch, which have scenes of mandarin, champagne, and hangover (LOL) & Magic Meditation, which is filled with frankincense, rain, and crystals.

Another one I purchased a few weeks ago but have not burned yet is one of their most famous and well known candles called Boss Babe, that has bergamot, cardamom, and goals!

She's started selling cute little bundles that come with a candle and a soap, scented to match. I think that's so adorable!

Evil Queen uses soy wax and is totally vegan so the candles are better for you than something else on the market!

I love small businesses and this is the type of company that speaks to me on a really good level. It's not just the product but the lady behind the product. All the packages come with sweet little messages like "This is the sign you've been waiting for" and "Kick ass today!" The candles also come with a little care sheet, but if you need more information you can head to the Candle Care Section of the website.

After this most recent round of candle shopping, I think they've officially made my list for favorite companies (and candles!)

Have you ever purchased from ShopEvilQueen?

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