I went on a book buying binge before putting my Audible subscription on hold a few months ago. I wasn't in the mood for books and I had been listening to my podcasts on the commute to and from work, so I thought putting the subscription on hold was for the best.

One of the books I purchased before putting the freeze on my account was The Girl Before by JP Delaney. It's in that suspense/thriller genre (my favorite obviously!) and boy was this a doozy.

The book is the classic "goes back and forth to past and present" and is narrated by two women, Emma and Jane. The premises is surrounded around the idea of living a minimalist life in a house created by a famous architect.

The house is One Folgate Street and is a special kind of house with a lot of rules. If you don't follow the rules, there are problems, as one will find out.

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That is a very vague description and I can't describe the book properly without giving a lot of detail away, so read the description on Amazon (*you can head to the "Favorite Book" category page in my navigation bar to shop my favorite books!)

I'll get right to my review...

I loved this book! It was so different from everything else I've read and reviewed on the blog. It had a deeper meaning than just being a mystery novel. It was about examining your life when something bad happens to you and dealing with it in a way that suits you. What lengths are you willingly to go to feel safe?

It's also the kind of book that will throw you for twists and turns; you think one thing but then something different happens. I will say though, I knew who committed whatever crime/mystery a little less than half way through the book. I think I've just gotten good at figuring out what the writers are thinking.

This was an easy, quick yet interesting read and I think it's a book that would be a great listen instead of read! A perfect one for your first, free Audible book *if you haven't checked it out yet*

What is on your reading list?
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