This was one of the last thriller books I read before taking my plunge back into the celebrity memoirs. It was a really good book for a send off out of this phase; I really enjoyed the entire plot, the narrator and everything about it.

"What She Knew" is a thriller by Gilly Macmillan that was released last December and it was her first novel ever released. Well, what a novel.

It wasn't on the edge of your seat thriller, but the last few chapters were wild. Like all good thrillers, in my opinion, it had the classic twist where you just didn't see it coming. You're floored beyond words and you want to scream and throw the book across the room.

Or that's just me...

What She Knew centered around a kidnapping/missing child. It's set in England, where all my favorite books take place, and Rachel is out with her son Ben when he runs ahead of her, and suddenly is gone.

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Rachel is divorced from Ben's dad, but all seems well in the Jenner household. There isn't any prolonging drama between the parents, and everything seems very ordinary.

The book is a little slow at the beginning, not in the boring way, but in the way that a lot of time passes before they find anything related to the missing boy. There are a lot of suspects, with pretty good motive, but none of them stick.

Also like all good thrillers, the narrative switches back and forth between Rachel and the cop involved with the case. The cop's part of the tale is told through diary entries with his therapist, because the case really messed with his head, for reasons you find out later on.

There are a handful of other stories going on while everyone is looking for Ben, and it's very interesting to see it all play out. There's a story involving Rachel and her family that is a really interesting twist and a nice addition to the story.

Not too much detail was given out, like in another thriller I read, and it kept my attention the entire way through.

The author does lead you to believe there is one specific suspect, and you just have a feeling that it's exactly that person, when the rug is pulled out from under you.

I definitely give "What She Knew" my seal of approval; it was a quick read but in the best way possible.

What books have you read lately?
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