I mentioned on my podcast this week  that I was finally out of my thriller stage in terms of reading, and back in the celebrity memoir track.

The Trespasser was kind of my demise, and the third to last thriller I've read over the past few months. When I purchased this book, I didn't realize that this was a series... but the good thing is, is that you do not need to read the other books. The series is called "Dublin Murder Squad" and each book kind of stands alone even though some of the characters are the same.

The novel, of course, takes place in Dublin/Ireland, and surrounds Antionette Conway & Stephen Moran as they try to solve the latest murder in Ireland. There is a very clear suspect in the Aislinn Murray case, but both Antionette & Stephen think there is something more.

They explore this something more against the wishes of the police force, but something is there.

As the reader, you also know that something is up. Things aren't adding up and it just seems sketchy, so you're pushing for the detectives to find something else. Like all good authors, Tana French leads you in a million different directions to make you think you know what is going to happen but then rips the rug out from under you.

You don't get to something hearty until you're basically at the end of the book, and figure out who was the murderer.

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The murderer is a HUGE surprise, but it was almost anti climatic in a way. The book was very, very long and there was so much unnecessary detail. I started skipping through bits of the book because I knew it was unimportant, and it didn't even matter because the parts I skipped were so mundane and not relevant to the story.

I can't stand when books do that... just give me the details plus a few extra that I need to understand and feel invested in a book. When the book drags on and on for no reason at all, I get bored.

Also, I don't really recommend listening to this book. I don't know if this is politically correct to say, but I know the story takes place in Dublin so of course you want the narrator to have an Irish accent, but this narrator's Irish accent was so thick, I couldn't understand half of the book. That has nothing to do with the actual book, but I needed to mention it for my own sanity.

The book was not my favorite; even though the twist was incredible, the story was too slow and gave way too many unneeded details. I wouldn't really recommend it, unless you are obsessed with thrillers (more than me), and enjoy a long, twisty book.

What is the last "meh" book you read?
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