The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is coming back in a few hours and I don't think anyone understands how excited I am.

Well, if you follow me on Twitter you know how excited I am because I haven't really talked about much else since November 1st.

Gilmore Girls was my favorite show growing up. I felt connected to it in so many ways. While I have a sister, I still always thought of my mom and me as Rory & Lorelai. I was always a little more responsible and my mom has a girl like behavior about her, and sometimes the roles were reversed.

gilmore girls

But also, I just love Rory so much. There have been a bunch of articles this week about how she was a bad journalist and a bad friend to Lane, and I just don't give a shit. They say the same things about Carrie Bradshaw and I refuse to listen.

Rory is my spirit animal in so many ways; she made it ok to like to school and like reading; it meant you could still care about those things and like boys and be that girly girl with boy drama and friend drama. One didn't mean you had to give up the other.

Gilmore Girls is so many things; it's a show about family, about love, about a quirky town and how you can make your own family. It deals with teen pregnancy, family drama, growing up, and everything in between. It's one of the most rounded shows I've ever watched.

When it ended, I wanted more, and now we're finally getting more. I probably won't be able to do anything until I watched all 4 episodes, and be sure to listen to my podcast, "Basic Bri" next week because I most definitely will be recapping the entire series. I also talked more about my love for the series there this past week.

Starting last Friday, November 18th, the TV channel "UP" started a Gilmore Girls marathon. They have played every episode starting from the pilot, day and night. It's all I've watched since then.

That got me thinking... I knew I wanted to do a Gilmore Girls themed post, and I thought about doing a "host your Gilmore Girls party" but then I thought that I wanted to talk about my favorite episodes.

If you haven't watched any of the series, and you're not sure if you want to, try these episodes on for size.

1. The Third Lorelai: I love when we get to meet Lorelai's grandmother. Emily freaks out and is so out of character, it's really fun to watch. It's a great episode to have in the first season because we're still breaking down all the walls to Lorelai & her parent's relationship. Also, Gran is a HOOT, and a fabulous character.

gilmore girls

2. The Bracebridge Dinner: Ugh, I LOVE this episode! Season 2 is a wonderful season and probably my favorite, for so many reasons. I love any episode with snow, but I really love when the entire town is together. We also get really sweet Jess & Rory moment in this episode, and I think this is where their relationship really picks up. Having the town together in one place, all their quirks come alive; add in some Dean/Jess drama and Richard & Emily, you've got yourself a FIRE episode.

gilmore girls

3. Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy: The main reason I love this episode? The arrival of resident Stars Hollow bad boy Jess. He comes in like a wrecking ball and wrecks havoc on the entire town, mostly Luke. It's fun to see Luke out of control, and I think this is one of Lorelai & Luke's first fights. Jess' chemistry with Rory is apparent from the moment they meet and you can tell something is brewing. "I wanted to put some notes in the margins for you" -- the most romantic line ever.

gilmore girls

4. They Shoot Gilmores Don't They?: The dance competition! One of the best episodes of the entire series. You once again, have the entire town together at some weird Stars Hallow event. Everyone looks like they stepped out of a war painting, and they're dancing for 24 hours. You have their weird quirks, a few sweet moments between Luke & Lorelai, and of course-- what we've been waiting for since Season 2, the breakup of Dean & Rory. It comes to a close, and finally, Dean stood up for himself. It was a sad and satisfying moment at the same time.

gilmore girls

5. Dear Emily & Richard: I love a good throwback episode, and I'm #TeamChristopher, so seeing Lorelai & Chris' relationship come to life as a younger version of themselves is really cool. It's also nice to get an insight into what Lorelai & Emily were like when Lorelai was a teenager. It's an interesting but similar dynamic. On the flip side, you have Sherry giving birth to Christopher's baby and it's kind of sad for Lorelai. You get both sides of the coin with this episode.

gilmore girls

6. Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out: I think all fans can agree that season 6 was PAINFUL. Rory & Lorelai aren't speaking AT ALL, Rory dropped out of Yale, and everything is a MESS. That is, until Jess finds Rory and snaps her back into reality. See? This is why Jess is the best! He woke her up, and she finally saw what she needed to see. "I couldn't have done it without you" -- Jess KILLS me. #TeamJess

Honorable Mentions: The Pilot, That Dam Donna Reed, and Love & War & Snow.

Are you excited for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life?
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