Hold onto your leggings because the suspenseful novel reviews are going to keep coming. I'm obsessed and I can't get enough. I don't even see the point in reading anything besides suspense & self care books at this moment in time.

Someone give me a good fiction book to read?

Anyways, I want to start off by saying that "The Couple Next Door" was a GREAT book! I loved it, and the mystery in it was very prominent.

The plot centers around a couple who leaves their child home alone while they attend a dinner party next door. They check on her every 30 minutes, but apparently that is not enough because she's kidnapped, right out of her crib.

The story continues from there, and the entire kidnapping is very sketchy. There are a lot of suspects, a lot of twists & turns, and you're constantly wondering what the hell happened. How does a baby just disappear?

Well, the major twist eventually hits you like a tidal wave; the book leads you to believe one thing, and then throws a wrench in the entire thing.

It was a really well written, thought out book and I can always appreciate that. It was also one of the more simple books, because it was straightforward. There was no switching point of views, no going back from present to past to future. It was just a regular book, and I like that as a lot of books nowadays aren't as straight forward.

Another thing I liked was that the characters weren't that likeable. You didn't dislike or like any of them that much, and it made the book more interesting.

This was a quick read, and an interesting one at that. It wasn't too suspenseful or scary, so if you aren't that into mysteries, you'd like this book!
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