This is the latest book I listened to, and it was probably my favorite book of the entire year.

Once again, I've been on a suspense kick and after reading the summary of this newly released novel, I immediately knew it was for me.

It centers around Nicolette, who left her hometown in South Carolina when she was 18 years old, after her best friend, Corrine, went missing. She left behind her dad, brother, and boyfriend Tyler. She left home and never really looked back... classic start for a novel.

Nicolette has a good job, is settled into her studio apartment, and has a gorgeous, rich, lawyer fiancee.  Well, of course now she has to return home because her father is sick and her brother needs her help.

The moment that Nicolette steps back into her hometown, everything comes flooding back to her, and another girl goes missing... almost 10 years to the day of Corrine going missing.

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What unravels is a lot of secrets, and it's all really exciting. I love novels like this, that have the main character coming back to their secrets and lies, and everything they left behind. It's fun to watch it unravel and come to light.

The writing in this box was superb; I mean, it was one of the best written books I've ever read. It has everything: suspense, comedy, romance, family drama. It was incredible.

All the characters were very likable, and the author did an amazing job of getting their personalities across and making you understand what was going through their heads. Everything was very descriptive, almost to the point where I forgot what I was times it read more like poetry than an actual novel and I loved that. It really worked for the plot of the book.

With all good suspense books, there was a huge twist toward the end of the book that made the entire story come together; it was told in a very anti-climatic way but I didn't expect anything less because of the way this book was written.

It wasn't like Gone Girl, or The Girl on the Train... it was in a genre all its own.

As I said above, I listened to this book but I almost want to read it to get a different feel for it.

This was definitely one of my top 5 books of the year and I 100% recommend it!
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