People say to never judge a book by it's cover but I have to admit, that I do it often. If a book has an intriguing cover and it sparks my interest, I need to read it. If the summary matches my interest, then it's a sealed deal.

That is exactly what happened with Opening Belle.

I saw the cover on Amazon and after reading the summary, I knew this was the perfect light hearted book I would enjoy.

I was in need of a great fiction novel and this definitely brought my love of fiction back. I listened to it on Audible and it was the perfect novel for a morning and evening commute.

This book starts out kind of fast, and it could be a little difficult to follow but that could also be because I was listening and not reading it.

Belle is a wife & mother, who lives in Manhattan and works on Wall Street, dealing with stocks. She lives a fast paced, stressful, and over worked life. She doesn't spend time with her children, is exposed to sexual harassement at work, and has a husband who doesn't have a job, and is hardly a care taker for the children.

She tries her best, but somehow keeps falling short.

Belle does her best to work her way up the glass ceiling while also keeping a low profile when it comes to the pigs who work with her. She's one of the highest women in the company and got there solely on her hard work and work ethic.

That is the premises of the book, and everything that follows is related.

Belle is trying to juggle her family life, an old flame coming back into her life, a distant husband, and the Glass Ceiling Club -- women at work who want to end the sexist behavior going on in the work place.

Oh, and did I mention this is all going on months before the 2008 stock market crash/recession. YUP, so you can only imagine how stressed she was.

It is an interesting book, a light and easy read, with lots of talk about stocks and money. I'd compare this to a romantic comedy without a lot of romance, or comedy -- if that makes an ounce of sense. It was fun, flirty, and the perfect read for summer.

What books have you been reading this summer?

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