Ever since I saw that spray can nail polish was a thing in Europe, I'd been patiently waiting for it to arrive in the states.

Well, last week I saw that it has finally arrived at Sephora.com, courtesy of Nails Inc. Breaking my 'no buy' was too easy when I saw that these were in stock, at $12 a piece.

I jumped on the bandwagon and patiently awaited my package.

It arrived on Saturday and my mom was the first brave one to try. She applied a top coat, let it dry, and then I sprayed on the polish. It came out kind of intense, and fast, and it looked a little streaky. We let that dry, and then she applied a top coat.

After everything dried (which took less than 5 minutes) my mom washed her hands with soap and water to get the excess nail polish off her nails & cuticles. On her, the nail polish looked pretty good but she didn't like it. I thought that maybe it was just her because she doesn't like matte (the color looked matte, even though it's not advertised as so), and the pink color was...off.

I couldn't wait to try it myself so even though I was going out in a few hours, I took the plunge.

I laid out a towel, applied the base coat and sprayed my nails.

Right after I applied

Oh I didn't like it. It was a weird sensation. The spray was way too cold, it made my fingers feel numb, and it was a nightmare to get off.

One pro of the polish was that it wasn't that difficult to get an even application. You would think spraying it out of a can would make it harder to get a good application.

Ultimately, even with that one pro, I didn't like the polish. I didn't like the feeling of the application, it was really hard to get off my nails and cuticles, even after scrubbing with soap and water, and I didn't like the way the nail polish felt on my nails. My hands felt super dry after applying it too.

The color was weird, and it was semi matte like my mom's was, and I just wasn't a fan. I hated it so much I removed it before going out and went out to Manhattan on a Saturday night with BARE NAILS!

After washing my hands

In theory, spray can nail polish may be good for someone who isn't good at doing their nails, or doesn't have time to paint their own or to go get a manicure, but I really didn't like it.  It really is a unique concept and I kind of want you all to go buy a can, try it, then return it (which I will be doing) just to see what I'm talking about.

Hey, I'm not gonna like everything I try and I don't like giving "negative" reviews but I thought this was such a unique idea it deserved a post!

Are you curious about spray can nail polish?

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