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I've seen the brand MAKE Beauty around but I've never picked anything up. There was no particular reason for it, I just never got around to buying it.

They have everything from makeup, skincare, tools, and gift sets-- the best of all worlds, really. They are paraben free, cruelty free, and a percentage of their sales is donated to the We See Beauty Foundation.

I really can appreciate companies that donate to charities-- I am much more inclined to buy from a retailer/company if I see that.

I also really like the message of MAKE; they create unique products that you may not see everywhere else, and they are dedicated to developing products that give their consumers the tools we need to create our own look. I really love when brands have unique products that not everyone else is producing, something that gives the products a bit of edge is something I'm really attracted too.

And I think MAKE does that perfectly.

I was lucky enough to get two samples of their products and I have to say, the quality is impressive. The size of the samples on the other hand were not impressive. I was expecting something a little larger but these are just basically unusable. I have tried the lipstick in Taffy and Eyeshadow in Alabaster, and they are beautiful and good quality.

To get a better sense of what this brand had to offer, I dove into their website and found so many wonderful things.

As I was looking through their website, I found SO MANY more items I want/need to try. Please, just give me all the makeup!

Sea Salt Exfoilator 
Twilight Lip Oil Remover
MAKE is being super kind to us and has given me a 20% off discount on their website! Just use the code MAKEYOURSELF for 20% off your order, and it's good until May 30th! Happy shopping :)

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