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When I was in high school (and a few times at college) I knew tanning was bad for me but I continued to do it anyway. I would go into a tanning bed a few times a year for special occasions and thought that since I wasn't going every week, it was ok.

Well, then I found out that you can get skin cancer from just one time in a tanning bed and I vowed to stop going. I haven't gone in a tanning bed in a few years, but I will still sit in the sun during the summer months for a bronzed look. I (try) to remember sun screen all the time, and have done a better job at incorporating it into my daily beauty routine, whether it's in my skincare or makeup products, especially lip balms because my lips get sunburned so easily! Working your SPF into your skincare, like with these SkinCeuticals products is the easiest way because then you will never forget!

Cancer is all around us...seriously, and it's affected at least one person we know, if not more. It's just the world we live in and we can't control it. Well, skin cancer is something you can try to prevent and it's better than not trying at all.

Since making the vow to not tan in a tanning bed (and I vow to make more of an effort to not sit in the sun, even for 20 minutes during the summer), I've taken a liking to self tanning which I've talked about before but have a HUGE post coming up in the next few weeks.

All of this tanning talk comes at a good time since we're slowing moving from winter to spring and soon summer!

Your Skin Is In is based on this idea. It's an educational, pledge based program (and contest!) to help bring awareness to teens and young adults that they should be taking care of their skin and helping to protect it against the skin.

After all, this is the only skin you will ever have and it's important to take care and protect it from harms way.

I had no idea that Melanoma is the 2nd most common form of cancer in people our age, 15-29 years old. That is a scary, scary thought and it's even scarier that it's a preventable type of cancer.

 I hope you all can take the pledge along with me because it's super important to fight this fight!

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