Can you tell I really like creating titles for my blog posts? Winter Woes? Come on, Bri. But hey, my blog, my creativity. I get a kick out of myself sometimes.

Chapped, dry lips are my mortal enemy. I've always suffered from them and over the years, have tried to figure out what works. There have been some winners over the years but they eventually stop working. I feel like I go through a whole batch of new lip balms each winter but I think this winter has had the most winners.

I found SO many new lip balms that I'm obsessed with -- I keep a different one in every purse and makeup bag, so I am never without a trusty friend.

Most of these are "higher end" but still not that expensive.

All of these are super moisturizing and don't dry out my lips. I don't need t reapply often and you could see that I've been loving lip balms in the pot. People say it's unsanitary which it can be, but these just work best for me. They are thicker than regular balms which means they last longer. 

Also, I love the scent of my TokyoMilk Dark is Salted Carmel and it smells AMAZING. I'd be lying if I said that wasn't the reason I initially bought it, I'd be lying. It just so happens that it's really fabulous at keeping my lips hydrated. They have so many amazing scents and I'd love to try more.

I do think my favorite is the First Aid Beauty Lip Balm. They never disappoint and this product definitely didn't. It's super thick but blends into the lips well. I keep this in my work bag and use it throughout the day because the air in my office tends to be a little dry.

What is your favorite lip balm?

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