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I'm 95% sure I'm getting the flu. My mom AND sister had it this week and I can feel the effects creeping up on me. I haven't been tired but I've had super low energy and I've felt really weak. That is definitely why I didn't have a blog post up yesterday. I even had half of it written and it was a pretty straight forward post but I couldn't find an ounce of energy to even open my computer.

To boot, NYC and the rest of the East Coast is expecting a HUGE snowstorm this weekend.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. I love snowstorms where you're huddled up all warm and toasty inside. It's the best excuse to cuddle up with tea, Pinterest, and Netflix. I mean, what could be better? Going out in the snow? Yeah, that I don't like that much.

I have some things planned for the weekend, like applying to some freelance writing positions, blogging for next week, and maybe even a brunch with my Big (big sister in my sorority), if the snow permits. Otherwise I'll probably be cuddled up on the couch with a fresh bottle of wine and the remote -- if the snow is as bad as the news says it will be.

Before I start off on one of my rants, I'll just get right into my favorite posts of the week. There were a lot but I've narrowed it down :)

ICYMI on Royally Pink:

What are your plans for the weekend, especially if you're on the East Coast?

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