Did anyone else feel like this week went at a glacial pace? It started out super busy at work for me, and then slowed down. I thought Wednesday was Friday-- it definitely screwed me up! It was also the first full week of work for me since before Christmas so yeah, it definitely took some getting used too.

The good news is that I'm off on Monday so it's making my weekend a tad bit sweeter. I also will be catching up with my pledge class (sorority lingo) on Saturday and I'm so looking forward to some old fashioned girl time.

I also cannot believe that we're mid way through January. I mean 2016 JUST STARTED. Can time stop, please? It's genuinely freaking me out.

I feel like I haven't had enough time to do things I wanted to accomplish this month so Father Time, please chill out. Thank you!!

I won't ramble too much because it'll just be me complaining (it's that type of week) but sign up for the Royally Pink newsletter & let's get into my favorite links of the week!

I usually never care about Apple updates but this one,OMG GIVE ME!

It's always be ABC Family to me. Sorry not sorry!

This article comes at the appropriate time. RIP Alan Rickman <3

#SorryNotSorry again but leggings are pants IMHO & I will rock them forever

I'm lowkey obsessed with tea lately #TeaLife

I've been addicted to articles about sleep lately, mostly because I always want to sleep. #SleepNation

I bought this book last week from Amazon (new addiction) and so far, so good. Here's a little summary for ya!

Pretty Little Liars returned and where would we be without a Buzzfeed article??

The drugstore has been KILLING the beauty game and here's a round up for you (stay tuned next week for some reviews on new products!)

I have not an ounce of shame in me that this used to be me. #JonasBrothers #OneDirection

What did you love this week?

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