I never thought I'd be traveling so often, especially for work, but here I am! Last week I took my 4th work trip in 6 months and I feel like an old pro.

From a very young age, I always overpacked whenever I was going somewhere. I have so much stuff and I want it all with me at any given time. I have not gotten better as I've grown older and it's much worse now. On a daily basis, my bag weighs a ton because it's always packed to the brim.

The first few work trips I went on, I definitely overpacked. The trips I go on are to QVC and they don't require a lot of items. I'm pretty much awake for 24 hours, barely in my hotel room, and my attire consists of plain t-shirts, leggings, and slippers. Comfort is key when you're awake for an entire day.

After the first 2 trips, I definitely packed lighter this trip.  I learned my lesson!

Now, everyone is different and you may not be an over packer-- you may have this process down pat but I always feel like I need to pay close attention to what I'm packing. There are also certain things you think you may need, or things you may not think you need. Also, everyone's work trips are different so this may not really apply to you but I'm going to do my best to generalize these tips!

Tote bag for computer, etc 
Duffel bag

Makeup bag


  • Minimal bags: I usually bring a lot of stuff but I also bring a lot of bags. You really only need a duffel bag for clothes, toiletries, etc. I bring a tote bag to keep my laptop, iPad, and other items I need to bring with me back and forth to the TV studio. I don't usually bring a handbag but if you need one on the road, definitely tuck that bad boy into your duffel bag! The less bags you have, the easier traveling will be! 
  • Comfy Clothes: Comfort is key for me on a daily basis. If your trip is more casual and not a business conference, I recommend picking something that is comfortable but still makes you feel and look put together. If you could get away with a nice sweater, jeggings, and casual boots or flats, I'd go with that! Make sure you have a nicer outfit in your bag just in case! 
  • Two pairs: Shoes is something I always struggle with packing. I hate shoes, I'd walk around barefoot if it was hygienic. For trips like this, I always bring two pairs of shoes. This past trip I brought UGG boots and slippers, just incase I didn't feel like wearing one pair. That's my lesson for all of you-- bring TWO pairs of shoes that you really like but bring both just incase you're not in the mood for one of them.
  • Minimal makeup: A work trip, no matter the cause, is not a time for a smoky eye (in my opinion). It's also not the time to try out a new product. Bring the makeup you use and love; makeup that will give you your favorite look in an instant.
  • Chargers, chargers, and more chargers: I'm a social media coordinator, henceforth, my phone, iPad, and laptop are constantly attached to my hip. I bring extra chargers for all my electronics along with a battery pack for my phone. I'd be nothing with my technology. 
These are my major things that I've realized I needed help with along the way so I thought I'd offer them up! Also, I always make sure I have snacks and cash on me. I get super hungry very quickly so granola bars and pretzels are always on hand!

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What packing tips do you have?

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