I've been flying through books on Audible lately, as well as reading them. I think I'm reading a total of three books right now. I've definitely gotten into a funk with what books I should listen to, that is until I saw that the entire Harry Potter series was available on Audible.

I only read the books once (OMG) and I figured listening to them would be amazing. Uhh.. it is! I also upped my subscription to the 2 credit a month which is $20. I was buying 2-3 books a month and only getting 1 credit so I think this may be cheaper.

In the past few months, I've definitely listened to a variety of different genres and types of books. You'll see that in this review... I go from memoirs to thrillers to fun, short stories. It's very odd but that's just my taste in books!

I was however, in a book funk, a few weeks back right before Christmas and that is when the Audible heavens opened up and gave me the entire Harry Potter series! I've been listening to all the books on my commute and honestly, it's the perfect cure to any morning. I'm on the Goblet of Fire and it's so nice that the books are super long and keep me entertained.

Before my funk, I did read some fabulous books and here's what they were:

After Perfect: I thought this was a fiction book at first, until the author started reading it and I realized that it was not. This book was incredible, so incredible that I have almost listened to it again. Christina McDowell is the daughter of a rich man... until he gets arrested and imprisoned for fraud. Her lavish life is suddenly taken from her and she experienced years and years of turmoil. At the start, you think why should I feel bad for her? She was a rich, spoiled brat but as you listen to her story, you see that it wasn't about losing materialistic things but about losing trust and family and friends and everything you've ever known. It was an incredibly moving book and I recommend it to everyone.

All the Light We Cannot See: This book got rave reviews and I couldn't wait to read/listen to it. I didn't really know what it was about. A French blind girl and her father live during Nazi Germany, while a German boy miles and miles away, is figuring out to live during this time. It is very, very interesting. It's hard to follow at times and this may have been a book that I would have preferred to read but nonetheless it was amazing. It was really interesting to see history play out in a fictional setting and it was seriously heart breaking at moments but I loved it. Another high recommendation!

Finding Audrey: This was a quick, easy read that I had been wanting to read for a while. A young girl has serious anxiety and is pulled out of school for reasons unknown--all we know is she got into it with some mean girls in her grade. She doesn't leave the house, wears black sunglasses all the time, and never touches anyone. It is another really interesting book with a nice, YA feeling to it. It wasn't sad and I actually LOLed at certain points. It took me only a few days to listen to this but sometimes short and sweet are appreciated.

Pretty Girls: Everyone needs a FAIR WARNING about this book. It was gross, graphic, and INTENSE. Picture the worst, most twisted episode of Law & Order SVU times 1,000. It was very warped and scary and horrific. A story about two sisters, ripped apart by a man who was hiding horrible, disgusting secrets. This book was incredible. I could've never imagined everything that was in this book but it was very intense. I may have a slightly twisted mind but these kinds of books fascinate me and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was listening. If you can handle kidnapping, murder, and some sick, twisted stuff, then definitely read this. It'll satisfy your craving for suspense, for sure!

Troublemaker: This is Leah Remini's memoir/biography where she tells the tale of how she got in and got out of Scientology. Leah was the one narrating it and her thick, New York accent, makes me feel at home. The story about how she was brought into Scientology is really weird and the stuff that went on while she was in Scientology was even weirder. It is a really interesting read and Leah is so funny, it made the book that much better.

What books have you been reading lately? Give me some recommendations :)

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