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I have extremely dry, thick, unruly, and frizzy hair. It's always been an issue for me and I've tried every product under the sun. I've had my hair relaxed, had two Keratin treatments, and learned how to manage my hair, but when I was younger--it was the bane of my existence.

Growing up, and even now, I was never too focused on my shampoo and conditioner. I thought any old duo would work. I was heavily focused on the treatments I put in my hair; hair oils, hair masks, frizz creams, etc. I thought that these were more important than the shampoo & conditioner but as I became more well versed in the beauty world, I found out that that is quite the opposite.

Shampoo, conditioner, and treatments are all important.

In recent months I've definitely tried my fair share of shampoo & conditioners and they all worked great, but these products from a brand I've tried before & loved.

When I was presented with the chance to try out some products from Hask's Macadamia Oil line, which caters to hydrating hair, leaving it nourished, shiny, and glossy, I was excited. My hair is dry, especially during the winter and it needs all the help it can get. Also, with the all the heat I apply to my hair on a weekly basis, it's very damaged so I needed help in that department as well.

The Macadamia Oil Moisturizing products, of course, have macadamia oil in them to help hydrate and restore damaged hair. Those special antioxidants that are infused into the products leave your hair soft, silky, and no longer dry.

Well, I can attest to all of those things. I used the shampoo & conditioner (as did my mom and sister) and I have seen a significant change in my hair. It's a lot softer and smoother-- it looks healthier, and it stays clean longer (that could just be in my head but I don't feel like my hair gets as greasy).

I haven't used the Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment yet but I have never met a deep conditioning treatment that I DIDN'T like! I tried a little bit of the Revitalizing Shine Treatment and it's not too oily but still adds the perfect amount of shine to your hair, helping smooth down the baby hairs and frizz that pops up.

Another really important aspect, to me, of this line of haircare? It's sulfate, paraben, gluten, and drying alcohol free. I'm more focused on the sulfate aspect because when you have keratin, you're supposed to use a sulfate free shampoo & conditioner. My keratin isn't that active anymore but I know it's still lingering my hair and the longer you use sulfate free products, the better the keratin stays.

After doing some research, I saw that Hask has a lot of styling products, like a blow dry spray and a curl controller and I'm really eager to try those!

I'll definitely be picking up this shampoo & conditioner again, since it's available in local drugstores, and I have a feeling I finally found a duo that works for me and I'll probably continue to use for weeks and months to come.

What do you look for in a shampoo and conditioner?

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