I never travel. I can count the states I've been too on 2 hands, and still have some fingers left over.

I've talked before how I want to be that spontaneous, adventurous, twenty something traveler. It goes back to me stepping outside my comfort zone, saying yes to things, and having an idea in my head of the type of person I want to be.

I think this weekend was a step in the right direction.

As I said on Friday, my friend (and old college roommate) Marissa asked me to road trip to Boston this past weekend to see our friend Will, who lives there and who we also went to college with.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical about it. My weekends (and pretty much any time away from my work desk) is sacred and I'm very picky about not having time to "relax." I am a homebody through and through, and I'd even go as far as to say that it's a major problem.

Well, I survived and I wasn't struck by lightning, I wasn't overly exhausted on Monday morning at work - the world didn't end just because I spent a weekend away from home.

I did get a little antsy while away -- I was tired from walking (13,000 steps on Saturday afternoon), and was excited when I was on my way home. I just wanted to be in my own bed.

I was never weird about sleeping out, but as I got older, I savor my time in my own bed and feel very disorientated when I'm out of place... but as I said, I survived.

The weekend was FANTASTIC! I had been wanting to visit Boston for the longest time and it was a great first visit.

Me and Marissa drove up on Friday night and didn't arrive till around 11:30 PM. We were both equally exhausted and just hung around until around 1 AM and went to bed. We knew we had an early day in the morning!

My friend Will lives right outside of Boston, in Cambridge and it's gorgeous! It was the cutest little town! Marissa and I were very out of place and confused, because Cambridge isn't considered a "small town"-- it's a city but it basically looked like New York suburbs.

We got breakfast in Cambridge (Boston bagels are NOT as bad as I thought haha They were delicious!) and got ready for the day!

We first headed into Harvard Square and walked around Harvard's campus. I was in awe... I felt like I was in a movie. Harvard is gorgeous... lush trees every where, gorgeous architecture, and tons of people!

We wandered around Harvard Square (outside of campus) for a really long time, walked into a few Harvard shops and book stores, and just admired everything around us.

How cool is this?!

Stopped for some Pinkberry (forgot to take a pic #bloggerfail) and then took the T (not the train) into Boston. This is where we did the majority of our walking and where I legit felt I was going to die.

It was great thought.

Potato, Bacon, Cheddar, Sourcream Spring Rolls?! 
You could feel the history on the streets, from the trolley tours, to the town halls, to the historic statues, it's easy to forget that our country started in Boston and the history there is richest. We actually saw a historic reinactment on the streets of Boston, with men dressed in red coats and screaming something as they galloped down the cobblestone road. It was awesome.

There was also no shortage of Red Sox & Patriot talk/gear spread around the city - I saw a street stand with "Free Brady" shirts as well as hearing people scream that through the streets #LOL.

We walked through Quincy Market that has tons of little shops, stores, and restaurants, before heading into downtown Boston to sit, eat, and drink at Brewery. Afterwards we met up with some more friends, and went to a classic Boston bar. We were in bed by 12 (which I was very thankful for) and up early on Sunday to get some classic New England seafood and then on the road back to NYC.

I think my favorite part of the trip (aside from seeing my friends and road tripping in the car) was Harvard. It felt so surreal to be in a place that so many great people have been before. My one regret this trip was not getting a Harvard t-shirt before I left.

Side note: I also LOVED all the Snapchat filters, as you can see above. I mean, come on--is it really a road trip if you don't add some snapchat filters?

For my next trip, I want to do a lot more sight seeing and possibly head to Salem (maybe during Halloween?!)

I feel like I may be doing some more road trips in my future!

Have you ever been to Boston? What's your favorite road trip you've ever taken?

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