I meant to have this post up last week but honestly, I just wasn't about it. It's at that point in the summer when I'm lazy and tired and the heat is just getting to me. I blame it on the fact that once August 1st hits, I'm programmed to think that I'll be going back to school.

I can't believe how fast time is passing. The summer is over and now it'll be TWO years since my senior year started. It's honestly really scary to think about and I think it's starting to hit me that this is life now. I work, I play, I have to figure out things on my own.

People my age are getting engaged and starting a whole different chapter of my life, and I don't have the energy to leave my bed in the morning.

I still feel like I'm living this fake life and I don't know when it's going to feel real, but with the summer being over, my first summer of working full time and not being a fresh out of college post grad, it's starting to get there.

Oh it's scary as hell.

I always tend to ramble during my monthly favorites post because it's another reminder of how fast my life is going by, and I don't know how to keep up with it--but maybe I'll save this for a different time.

I loved a lot of things this month, like A LOT but I narrowed it down to my top favorites.

//BlueSky Planners: The planner obsession was alive and real this month, as I got a bunch of new planners in the mail. They were all from BlueSky, and I'm so grateful that they sent them to me! From the Day Designers to the regular planners, I'm a little obsessed. I love staying organized and having my shit together -- writing things down just works for me and these planners have been a life saver.

//Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch: I talked about this in my Recent Beauty Hauls post, and it's been my go to all month. It's so light weight, blends beautifully, and dries to a powder finish so it doesn't feel like anything on your face. Plus, the packaging is gorgeous, in a cute glass bottle.

//theBalm Brow Pow: I love theBalm products, but they're so hard to come by. You have to order them off of their website, or Birchbox, but sometimes they don't have everything you want -- and sometimes I do like buying things in a store. When I was walking past a Duane Read near my job, in Manhattan, and I saw that they have a section called The Look Boutique that has high end products. They aren't super high end but brands like Cargo, Vincent Longo, 100% Pure, etc... and theBalm! I was so excited I nearly cried. I went in one day, and just bought this brow powder and an InStain Blush. I wanted a brow powder to do my brows because I haven't found a pencil I really love. This powder has been the only thing I use and it makes my brows bold, but soft at the same time. I got it in Light Brown and it's incredible!

//BeccaxJaclyn Hill Champagne Pop: Everyone and their mother is talking about this highlight, and I also talked about it my Recent Beauty Hauls post. It has every right to be talked about, because it's gorgeous and pretty much will flatter everyone. I never had any Becca products before this, but this highlight is so buttery smooth and stunning -- I may have to try some more. This is the only highlight I've worn all month and I'm pretty sure it'll continue like that for a while.

//First Aid Beauty Blemish Patrol Pads: I've been meaning to talk about these, and you'll probably see them in another post this week. A little more than a month ago I noticed that I had a lot of bumps on the side of my face, along my jawline. It wasn't technically acne, but probably little whiteheads. I was on a quest to find something to cure this and low and behold, First Aid Beauty came in and saved the day. Their Blemish Patrol Pads claim to help prevent breakouts, control oil, and minimize pores. They're also safe for sensitive skin because that's what FAB specializes in. It comes with 60 pads, which is great because if you want to use one everyday, you have enough for two months. I was religiously using these, and saw results in less than a week. I was shocked and excited and continued to use them everyday for almost the entire month. Once I saw most of the bumps were gone, I would use these a few times a week, or whenever I saw a pimple popping up but my skin has remained in tact. I still have a good amount of pads left in the tub and will probably repurchase after they run out.

Another random favorite is not wearing jewelry. I rarely leave the house without at least one necklace, ring, or bracelet, but this month it was just too dam hot. I have been going to work, and going out sans baubles and I'm kind of loving it. I'm much more comfortable in the hat without the extra metal hanging on my body.

Here's to the last month of summer, and one step closer to Fall!

What were your favorites this month?

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