Being the beauty junkie I am, I know the importance of skincare. The most expensive foundation will look horrible if your skin isn't properly prepped.

I've always been content just washing my face... and even when I started to get into beauty, I was very lazy with my skincare routine. I only stuck to moisturizer, and I would forget to apply it almost everyday.

When I got home from school last year, that's when my beauty love expanded, and I started realizing the world of skincare. Since then, I've been trying lots of skincare products and trying to figure out what works for me -- both from the drugstore & high end.

People always say that you need to pay a lot for skincare, and I do believe that you should invest in skincare, if it works for you. If your holy grail product is from the drugstore, you do you.

I've learned a lot about my skin in the past year, and I've figured out what helps my skin, and what irritates it. Ever since realizing I'm allergic to fragrance, I've had to pay closer attention to what I'm putting on my face, and I know immediately if something is going to irritate my skin.

These are my go-to holy grail items that I've repurchased, or will repurchase. They work for me, and have transformed my skin.

 1. Clarisonic: I've mentioned this lovely little item before but I figured I'd start off with it because it's very important. I will love this baby forever-- it completely changed my skin, and has helped make my complexion better. I was having so many skin issues last year and after a few weeks of using the Clarisonic, I noticed a significant shift. My breakouts were at bay, my skin was smoother, and the little bumps along my cheeks were gone. It's amazing and it's definitely an investment, starting at $99. There are so many different brush heads that you can choose from, depending on what you need or what your skin type is, and you can use any cleanser you please. (My favorite is the Fresh Soy Cleanser which came with it when my mom ordered it from HSN for Christmas) If your skin is having trouble and you don't know where to start, start with this.

2. Murad Renewing Eye Cream: Oh eye creams -- I have the biggest love/hate relationship with them. I have an obsession with under-eye products because of my dark circles and bags, and eye cream is a product I just felt like I needed. I couldn't find one I loved, and I was switching back and forth between a lot, before I had those major under eye issues last year. After that, I only found one eye cream that worked, and it was this one. I got a deluxe sample from Sephora, and I knew Murad wasn't cheap. I didn't think I'd fall in love with it because I've never adored an eye cream before. Boy was I wrong, and when I ran out of the sample I was crushed-- especially because this has a $70 price tag. Well, Murad was having a 20% off, Free Shipping, and 16% cash back on Ebates a few months ago and I took the plunge, ordering the full size. It's very nourishing, moisturizing, and gives a brightening effect. I've seen my under eye circles & bags decrease over the past few months and this eye cream is to what I owe it too!

3. Tarte Eye Brightener: Here we are with another eye cream. I've been wanting to try this FOREVER and then I saw it was included in a little set with the Tarte Maracuja Oil, on sale at Sephora a few months ago. I used this at night until it ran out (and since it was so small, I went through it pretty fast) and this will be my next eye cream purchase after the Murad runs out. This brightened my eyes like no other -- other people eve noticed! My mom looked at me one day and was like "Wow, your face looks different!" I knew then that it was the brightening effect. This didn't irritate my eyes or make them dry, and it was a smooth, silky consistency. Oh I miss it just thinking about it ...

4. LUSH Lip Scrub in Bubblegum: I loved my ELF Lip Exfoliate but when that was finished, I knew I needed a new scrub. I walked into LUSH for the first time, and I got sucked into buying this holy grail item at the register. I knew people on Youtube love & adore this item so I didn't think twice about buying it. I LOVE IT. It's handmade and you can tell it is when you use it. I just take a little bit after brushing my teeth, rub it on my lips, and wipe clean with a towel or washcloth. The bubblegum scent & flavor is a little overpowering so when I repurchase, I'd probably buy a different one, but I will buy this product again. It leaves my lips smooth, soft, and ready for any lipstick!

5. Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray: I've been lusting after this spray for a solid year and finally got my hands on it when I took my random work trip to Chicago back in April! My bottle is more than halfway gone and I'm already planning a trip to Ulta to pick up another one. It's a rose scented mist that has many different purposes; I use it to set my makeup, as a toner after I cleanse my face, and just whenever I feel like my face needs some moisture. It smells amazing but isn't too overpowering, and doesn't cause any irritation. It's perfect -- and only costs $7.

6. Blemish Control Pads by FAB: I talked about these in my July Favorites but they transformed my skin so I needed to mention them again. In May, I started to see little bumps along my cheeks, which I've had before, so I just started using my Clarisonic more regularly. It didn't work. Acne toners, cleansers, and treatments didn't work. Finally, I thought to just browse Sephora's skincare section on the website and I saw this product. First Aid Beauty is one of my favorite brands and after reading these 5 star reviews, I was sold. I ordered them, started using them, and my skin was clear within a few days. I'll never be without these again!

7. Simple Makeup Wipes: I turned to the Simple brand a few months back and it's been a lovely little love affair. Their cleansing make-up wipes are the only ones I will use. They're soft, soothing, and don't irritate my skin. One wipe takes off almost all my make-up and there is no scent. They're perfect & I'll probably never use anything else!

Here are some honorable mentions that I also can't live without: Simple Micellar Water, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer 

Shop all my picks below!

What are your holy grail skincare products? Give me suggestions below :) 

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