It's no secret that I'm a huge subscription box junkie. I love the idea of subscription boxes; little gifts delivered to your door every month. Whether it's jewelry, food, or beauty, I think they're all awesome!

Beauty subscriptions are the OG of subscription boxes and I feel like everyone is coming out with one now. I've seen over the past year or so, that Target started a seasonal beauty box. I've always been intrigued because uh, Target is BAE and it's not a subscription box you can sign up for.

Target releases a box of goodness for $7 filled with full size, sample size, and foil packet items from their beauty section. That means skincare, make-up, nail polish, and tools. It's actually pretty awesome because the value of the box always, for sure, exceeds $7.

The hard thing is, is that since you don't subscribe, you have to pay attention and keep an eye out for when the box is released on Target's website. It sells out pretty fast, and you have to actually go through an order process of placing the box in your cart, filling out the info, etc.

One day I was online, looking through the many beauty Facebook groups I'm part of and saw that someone posted about the Target Beauty Box. I immediately clicked the link and bought the box for $7. It didn't take too long to ship and before I knew it, this box of heaven was on my doorstep.

It's a really nice box, sturdy and feels a little luxurious. It comes with a card that tells you the name and description of everything in the box, along with nice, red tissue paper.

I knew what was coming in the box before it arrived because you can see it on the Target website, I was wonderfully surprised to open this box and see what was inside. (I got this box over a month ago, but haven't had a moment to blog about it until now) I remember being so giddy and squealing when I saw everything inside.

Here's everything that was inside this incredible box:

//Revlon HD Lipstick: I didn't really have a desire to try this product, hence why I didn't buy it myself, but it was a very nice surprise. It's a smooth, creamy consistency and applies really nicely. I haven't had a chance to wear it because it's a fire engine red color and while I love it, I don't wear that kind of color everyday.

//Olay Regenerist Luminous HydraSwirl Eye Cream: I was most excited for this product because I'm a sucker for an eye cream, especially one that gears toward tired eyes and dark circles. It has a luminous swirl which helps with brightening the undereye area. I think this product does actually work because whenever I use it, my eyes do look brighter the next morning. I have very sensitive under-eyes and this does slightly irritate it but nothing that I can't handle. I have continued to use this, switching off with another eye cream that I'll talk about in another post, and I do like it. It was definitely a nice addition to the box, which increased the value by a lot.

//Sinful Colors Nail Polish: I already did a Manicure Monday on this color called Thimbleberry but I was really excited for it. I painted my nails the moment I took it out of the box. This color is the perfect summer coral/pink/reddish color and the formula is pretty good. Sinful Colors is pretty inexpensive and it's hard to find a good formula when something is that cheap but this was a nice surprise. 

//Fekkai Professional HairCare: The thing I liked about the Target box was that even though you knew what was coming, there were multiple types of boxes and people got different products, different colors, etc. The Fekkai product I got was a deluxe sample size of the Pre-Solei Hair Radiance and Protection Mist. I just got a Keratin treatment so I feel like I don't need to use extra haircare products but after using this a few times, I know I have too. It helps tame the frizz, makes your hair shiny, and smells fantastic. It's an actual spray bottle, not an aerosal can which I prefer. This sample will last a long time and I'm a sucker for hair products so bring it on, Target! 

//Cutex Advanced Nail Remover Pads: This little packette came with three remover wipes and I'm confused as to why I didn't go out and buy a full size yet. These pads took my nail polish off like a dream. It didn't leave a residue, took the color off completely and was super fast and easy. I've never loved a nail polish remover so much.

I will for sure be buying this box when it hits shelves, I'm assuming soon, for the Fall season. Follow me on Twitter and I'll let everyone know when it's available again! 

Have you ever subscribed to the Target BeautyBox? What's your favorite subscription service?

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