Soap & Glory was always one of those brands I heard about on Youtube, saw at Sephora, but never tried. I don't really have a reason... they were (& still are, very inexpensive), so that wasn't it. I just kept forgetting to try it out. Always kept building carts, and then deleting them, the contents disappearing from my site.

This was a constant game I played with myself, until mid December when Soap & Glory was about to vanish from Sephora and head to since it was lowering it's prices.

If you didn't know, Soap & Glory is a UK beauty brand that has very cheeky, adorable packaging and some of the best skincare products I've ever tried. They have make-up, but a lot of it isn't available here in the US... hence why the products I'm going to talk about are strictly skincare.

They are most well known for their Hand Food Hand Cream & Righteous Body Butter-- both which were at the top of my list to try. Supposedly the scent is intoxicating, and now that I have tried & loved both products, they are.

I placed an order on Sephora back in December when everything was on sale for stupidly cheap prices, then went into a Sephora store and got one more product... then a few weeks back, placed an order on for two new items.

Therefore, I feel like I can make a pretty good assumption on the brand & their products... plus I've used and loved every single product I'm about to talk about.

//Hand Food Hand Cream: I want this stuff slathered on my body 24/7. It is the least greasiest hand cream I have ever used, and it is by far the most incredible scent. I don't even know what it is. I literally am going to be of no help because I don't know what this bad boy smells like -- it's floral and feminine, but completely intoxicating and delicious. It leaves my skin very moisturized but not overly moisturized to the point where I can't hold my phone. I will for sure be repurchasing this when I run out.

//Righteous Body Butter: I bought this during the Sephora clear out, just a tiny tube of it but had no use for it, because I was using a different lotion at the time. When I started my new job in April, I brought this to the office to leave in my desk. I usually have my Hand Food cream with me but I'd be lying if I said I was too lazy to reach into my bag to get it. Also, I like the idea of leaving things at work -- so much more adult! This is heavier than the hand cream, but has the same scent. It's also not greasy as you'd expect a body butter to be, because I can go right back to work. Once the winter comes, I'm ordering a huge tube of this stuff to keep at home.

//Great Kisser Lip Balm: One of my favorite beauty vloggers, MakeUpByTiffanyD has been raving about this lip balm for years. When my face was freaking out with dryness and swelling back in the winter, I grabbed this during a Sephora run to try to tame my swollen, dry, and cracked lips. Not realizing that it had petroleum in it, I realized it soon after-- and petroleum isn't good for chapped lips. I have though, gotten use out of this because I keep it in my bag and use it as a glossy balm. It is very sticky, but the smell (vanilla bean) is too good to resist. I like the gloss it gives my lips and it's a no fuss product. I may actually move this into my work desk too....

//Sit Tight Super Intense 4-D Firming & Smoothing Lower Body Serum: This can be considered a controversial product because a lot of people may think it takes a lot more to firm your butt & thighs, and get rid of cellulite, than just using a serum. And there is... and the adorable packaging said so. It said something like "don't eat junk food and stuff your face..." or something like that-- something a lot of people would find offensive because America is easily offended these days(another day, another post). A lot of Youtubers said this work, but after CoffeeBreak With Dani said it burned and worked, I knew I needed it. With the blessing & coersion of my mother, I ordered it and my goodness it works!!!!!!!! My ass was ON FIRE after using it.. like to the point where I was in a little bit of pain. I haven't used it religiously so I don't know if there are any results happening back there, but we'll see. The burn is worth it, honestly.

//Heel Genuis Foot Cream: My feet are gross. Feet in general aren't appealing but my feet have always been an issue. I have never found a foot cream that does me right, but this one has quickly made a climb to the top. I ordered this when I ordered the tightening serum, because it was there and I was curious. It has a gel like consistency and smells minty.. it gives a teeny bit of a cooling effect which is nice. I used this for a few nights in a row, slathering it on my feet and putting socks on while I slept, and I noticed a difference within three days. My heels were smoother & softer. My feet, the next morning, were also very greasy and I was slipping out of my shoes. It took me three days to figure out why. I've been reserving this for the weekends, until fall comes around and we say goodbye to sandal weather and my feet aren't a slippery mess. Otherwise, this is an amazing cream.

Next up on my Soap & Glory list? Their Flake Away Body Scrub. Come to mama-- let's exfoliate!

Have you tried Soap & Glory? What are your favorite products that I should try? 

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