I've tried a lot of beauty products. Like A LOT. It's actually pretty alarming how many products I've tried, probably more than the average person.

I rarely don't like a beauty product. There is rarely an item that doesn't work for me, or an item I can't get too work.

That's why, when items don't work, or I have an adverse reaction to them, it's a big deal. I feel shocked, and sad that I wasted this money on something that didn't wind up working.

I'm also very weary about returning beauty products. I know every store & website has their own return policy but I just feel like returning beauty products is weird.

"Oh here's a lipstick I hated, please take it back." I know that Sephora takes back used items because they use them as testers, which is good to know (or so I've heard) but yeah, I never return items so they just collect dust in my drawers.

Like I said, not too many items have failed me but here's what has:

//Tarte Maracuja Oil: This is probably the biggest blunder of them all. I have two mini sizes of this from Tarte value sets and when I first tried this back in December, I thought my skin was just reacting badly to it because of all the issues I was having. I waited a few more months, till my skin was clear, but after two or three nights of using this, my skin dried up like a prune. I tried a few more times and it just was no use. I thought this holy grail oil would work for me, but it just goes to show that if something works for a lot of people, it still may not work for you. Beauty is unique to everyone.

//First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Eye Cream: I raved about this stuff back in the winter, because it really did clear up my eye issues within a few days. Then, as skincare does sometimes, it started revolting against me. Within a month, the cream stopped working and caused my eyes to dry up. I find it odd since all other First Aid Beauty products have done wonders for me. I feel such a betrayal when a product works, and then doesn't. SMH (This product has been discontinued it looks like, since I can't find a link anywhere and I got it on sale back in December)

//NYX Butter Lip Gloss in Red Velvet: The Butter Glosses from NYX have caused a love of lip gloss to reappear in my life. These glosses aren't sticky, and add just the right amount of color and shine to your lips. I have Tiramseu & Creme Brulee. They smell like vanilla cake and are so amazing. I figured for the fall, last year, I'd buy a darker color. I went with "Red Velvet", a dark red shade, and was deeply disappointed. It was a little patchy, a little stickier than my other glosses, and looked horrific over red lipstick. It's too patchy to wear on it's own, and I was highly upset over this. I haven't thrown it away yet, it's still sitting in my collection so maybe I'll try applying it over a red lip liner, for a simple red lip.

//NYX Green Concealer: The NYX HD Concealer is a definite top 5 favorites for me, so I figured I'd try out there colored, color correcting ones. I have heavy under eye bags, and I noticed a lot of redness appearing. I know that green concealer cancels out red, so why not try the NYX HD Green Concealer. I'm pretty sure I threw this out already, because it was that bad. It was so patchy, didn't blend at all, and the green tint never went away. It was a disaster.

//Micro Beauty Blenders: The beautyblender changed the game for me last August when I bought my first one. It's when I started using foundation on a daily basis and my make-up routine just got so much better afterwards. I've since bought another one in conjunction with my original one (time to probably throw the first one out, a year's use seems good enough). When the mini beauty blenders were released, I knew I needed them. Some days when I don't wear foundation, or just wear powder foundation, I still apply a liquid or cream concealer. Therefore I still need to use a beauty blender. I justified it as not wanting to wet an entire beauty blender when just applying concealer so I figured these mini ones would get the job done. They were good for a while, until they started to get on my nerves. They are just too small to hold in my hands and it's much easier to just use a regular one. I still have them in my collection, trying to figure out how to use them but who knows.

What beauty products have you tried and they were #epicfails? Let me know in the comments!

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