Ahh another week gone! Can it be classified as mid-June yet? I mean, Father's Day is already next weekend. I really need time to slow down. Like really really really need it to slow down.

Mercury is officially out of retrograde and I kid you not, I felt the earth shift Wednesday night. Everything just felt better. Yesterday was even better... I mean I had a mood swing when I came home from work and was sitting in a 90 degree house but laying in my mom's bed, in the dark, with the AC cranked up fixed it.

The next few weekends I have a lot planned and I'm really excited. The rest of the summer seems to be turning up (hopefully figuratively and literally). I just want to feel settled and have fun. Is that so much to ask?

Also, did I mention that my blog calendar is planned through JULY?! That is insane for me especially with the writers block that has been happening lately. I also really want to start "writing", like articles for Elite Daily and try my hand at freelance. I love my blog clearly, and it's a great creative outlet for me but the journalist in me is seething for something real and hearty to sink my teeth into.

We shall see!

I will stop rambling and get into the links. Wait, can we also talk about the fact that two crazed murderers escaped a prison in upstate New York this week and they still haven't been found? That is insane and I cannot stop following this story.

Okay, seriously, here are the links I loved!

TV writers reveal their favorite episodes & scenes they've ever written--awesome! 

Be miserable with or without you? What is your poison? 

Your first love is the realest, deepest, and truest. 

Great blog post on how a blog can launch your career, courtesy of Charmingly Styled! 

Another great blog post featuring one of my fav bloggers, Hallie! She's awesome  :)

I thought I was losing my mind, but then I read this #twentysomethings

50 beauty products to buy before you die--I stand by all of these

I'd be lying if I said I didn't go and watch "Get a Clue" on Youtube after reading this list

What did you love this week?

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