Let's start off by saying HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! The long weekend has been very relaxing but at the same time, boring.

I always forget that these holiday weekends are a big deal and then I'm sitting in my room on a Sunday afternoon, looking at Snapchat and all my friends having a great time. FOMO is a real thing and it sucks.

I need to keep this in mind in a few months when 4th of July comes around and I am once again, in this same position.

I'll be honest and say that as I was writing this post on Sunday afternoon, I forgot the next day was Memorial Day and I usually don't post a "regular" post on holidays but hey, this needed to be talked about. (I'm also in total blog mode right now and have created an editorial calendar through JULY--am I back? I might be!)

Anyways, let's go with this Manicure Monday because I'm obsessed and in love.

I went one week without a posting a Manicure Monday #cool.

I walked into CVS over the weekend and saw this gorgeous polish and I think I finally knew what love was.

No, seriously. I am not being dramatic. I have never fell in love at first sight with a polish the way I did with this color.

I knew Essie released their 2015 Summer Collection but haven't seen any colors in person yet. This bad boy was the only one at my local CVS from the collection and the only one left in this color.

I don't have anything like this. NOTHING. I think that's why I'm so obsessed--because it is so unique and unlike any other color I have ever seen...not just from Essie but from any nail polish brand. Maybe I just live under a rock but I don't care. It's stunning!

Pret-a-surfer is the most gorgeous blue. Essie describes it as a marine blue and I think that it's pretty spot on. It's a summer, beachy blue. It's almost like a darker "Bikini So Teeny". Its so gorgeous I can't even describe how amazing the color is.

The formula of this is one of the best Essie polishes. It doesn't streak, it's very opaque, and it didn't stain my nail beds. It applied like a dream and played well with both my topcoat and basecoat.

I've been using a new base-coat, which doubles as a topcoat. Orly Nail Defense is a protein enriched nail strengthener which I desperately needed. My nails are cracked, peeling, and gross and they need some help. I don't know if it's working, because it says you need to apply every two days which I haven't been doing so I shall start this week.

In addition to using the Nail Defense as a topcoat, I've also been using my normal Sec 'N Dry quick dry topcoat by Orly. The combination seems to work well!

In conclusion, this polish is BAE and will continue to be BAE all freaking summer!

What color are your wearing this Memorial Day? Tell me in the comments :)

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