I've always wanted to try a Butter London nail polish but I could never muster up the courage to buy a $15 nail polish.

Much to my surprise, I received a Butter London nail polish in Pink Ribbon as a gift and I was overjoyed to finally try such a well known and loved brand.

The shade Pink Ribbon is a very, very pale pink. At first, I thought it was white and it wasn't until I read the name that I knew it was the palest, baby pink I have ever come across.

I was very, very surprised at the formula of this polish. It is very thick, much thicker than any Essie polish I have ever used. It was so thick that it felt like a gel nail polish.

I did use my Sally Hansen base coat but I don't think that affected the formula of the polish.

I'm not saying that it's a bad polish, because I do like it, but the thickness is something I wasn't used too and it made working with the polish a lot more difficult. It didn't dry quickly and then the morning after I painted my nails, two of them were completely smudged.

The polish didn't really apply smoothly and I could still feel the bumps along my nails.

This may have something to do with the fact that my nails are gross & I need a real manicure to buff and smooth out my nails. I also had a gel manicure last week and that always "ruins" my nails.

I also needed three coats to get an opaque look and it honestly still wasn't enough.

All of that was my first impression of the polish but as I am writing this blog post (on Thursday night), I repainted my two smudged nails and it was much better.

I took off the smudged polish two hours ago and let my nails breathe. I painted one layer of the base coat, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently took the Butter London polish to my nails and it was so much better. It was still a little thick but not as hard to work with and not as goopy. It still wasn't too opaque but let us remember that this is a very pale color.

I also think that white (or pale pink) polishes are very hard to do right.

In conclusion, this isn't my favorite polish but I will for sure use it and I'm glad I got to finally try Butter London Nail Lacquers!

Have you ever tried Butter London? What is your opinion on it? Is it just me or is this polish very thick and goopy? 

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