It was my first full week of work this week and I think it kicked my butt. I am exhausted and I was very scatterbrained this week.

It's very unlike me to not feel like I have my shit together but boy oh boy was it one of those weeks.

I satisfied that scatterbrainedness(my own word) by doing a little online shopping and ugh, I love getting mail delievered.

I ordered a new BaubleBar bracelet, a brand new book (review soon if I ever start reading it), one & two amazing smelling candles, and a new mini wallet.

Oh... and I ordered the Alex drawers from Ikea.

So my bank account is crying but all is fine... reviews on everything coming soon!

Last weekend I went up to school (again) for our annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It was great to be back again and I had so much fun since this dage(day rage) is my favorite of the year but it also made me sad because it truly marked the end.

But what do you mean Briana, you graduated last year--you already had your end.

Well, now it's official. A new batch of seniors are upset that they're graduating and our time to sulk and wallow is over. I have been out of school for a year and the fact that graduation is next week makes it very official. I'm no longer the new alumni, I'm officially old and it really got me feeling some type of way this week.

Once again, I don't meant to ramble and I'll have a really uplifting(sarcasm) post grad update soon!

Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself again so let's get into the links I loved...


Don Draper staring blankly is a hilarious and accurate tumblr account that had me laughing for hours

Carrie & co laid it all out on the table and I of course, love every second of it

100 true quotes about falling in love and it gave me all the feels

I might do a post on dad bods because I'm obsessed and it was all I talked about this week... as did the rest of the internet. Dad bods FOREVER

I am Peggy Olson, Peggy Olson is me and her badass strut down the hallway was epic in this week's Mad Men

6 things I wish I knew this time last year... oh to be young and naive

Whew, a lot more links than last week!

Enjoy the weekend everyone :) 

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