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As I'm typing this, I'm watching the season finale of Scandal... how in God's name is it the end of the TV season? How is Memorial Day weekend next week? How is my little & all my younger sorority sisters graduating from college on Saturday?

Why has it been a year since my college graduation and why can I remember it so clearly?

My mind is messing with my lately. So much has changed since I walked across the stage at Madison Square Garden and it's completely nerve wracking to think about how fast time is moving. It's giving me another quarter life crisis. I'm pretty sure I've had like three quarter life crises since my junior year of college...

Anyways... I'll get more into that in Monday's post, as I've been saying forever. Like anyone actually cares about my post grad update but hey someone needs to listen to me!

This week went by painfully slow but I enjoyed it. Isn't that odd? I'm getting settled in at work and enjoying it, I enjoy the routine.. I'm not as exhausted as I was at the beginning so that's always a plus. Dare I say, I'm enjoying adulthood? I mean, I miss school desperately and I think I always will but everything else is good.

I had a good week.

And here are some links I loved!

This was published in March but I just saw it today and I loved it!

Mad Men ends this Sunday and I've been addicted to all things Draper all week... like this quiz

Being the big spoon is underrated

When I was younger, I danced for 14 years. Ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, pointe- everything. We were programmed to love this movie and I have to agree, Center Stage is AMAZING

Do I do these things? You could say yes...

They're dysfunctional AF but I love them anyway #LordDisick #Kourtney

Owen Wilson saying WOW a thousand times is HYSTERICAL

Okay, so I really need to get better at saving the links... I am so off my blogger game!

Well.... happy Friday & happy weekend :)

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