It's been a while since I finished a book. Sometimes I just get caught up in life and blogging and the Internet and forget that one of my favorite things to do is to read.

It's the perfect way for me to get lost in something else, in another world. It clears my mind and puts everything into perspective, no matter what book I've got in my hands.

Sometimes, I'll be reading a book and I get to a certain point where I sit for hours and feverishly finish it, without doing anything else.

That's what happened a few weeks ago. I had "Welcome to the Real World" by Lauren Berger (AKA the Intern Queen) sitting on my nightstand for months, my bookmark just moving a few pages every few weeks.

Finally, I was super bored one Saturday. Nothing on television, not in the mood for Netflix or Youtube, and Pinterest was boring me. I decided to pick up the book and I sped read it.

This is a bible.

I never put it past Lauren Berger to give the best career advice but this book knocked it out of the park.

It was perfect, the answer to all my questions. It was a reassuring pat on the back for all the worries I've ever had. It was your friend telling you "It'll be okay" but your friend is a very successful entrepreneur who has seen it all.

I enjoyed how this book was set up. It had 10 chapters, each with a different theme and it traveled through your first day on the job to what you should do each day. From the rules of the workplace to actually working to organizing yourself to making mistakes.

Lauren introduces the chapters with her own story of her own career journey, introduces a few lessons, and gives hypothetical situations to prove the lesson.

It's very similar style to her first book, "All Work, No Pay" which makes sense because this is almost the sequel to that in a way.

Lauren wrapped up each chapter with a quick list in bullet form of all the lessons from the chapter, making for quick reference if you need advice in a pinch.

Some lessons were more important than others, to me right now, and sometimes I was reading stuff that I already knew. Some lessons were things I don't need at this very moment but in the end, every piece of information is useful, whether you need it now or later.

It definitely lit a fire under my butt and inspired me to get moving, in all aspects of life. Berger is someone with such a drive and determination to be the best she can be and help others who may be struggling that it's impossible to not feel that through the pages.

This is definitely going to be a book I keep close by at all times just in case I need some inspiration or advice. I've bookmarked my favorite pages, for what I feel is most useful to me at this moment and I've already flipped to them a few times since finishing the book.

If you're a recent graduate, someone graduating from college soon, or even if you're making a career move in the near future, this is a book that will be of great help to you. In my opinion, there's no one better than Lauren Berger. They don't call her the Queen for nothing!

What's your favorite book at the moment? Tell me in the comments!

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