I had another post planned for today but wasn't feeling too inspired to write it. Sometimes, after writing Monday-Wednesday, I get a little distracted and sidetracked and truthfully, burnt out. I've been going through some writers block but thankfully, am getting out of it.

I've always loved "Life Lately" posts... behind the scenes look at people's lives. Maybe it's from their Instagram, maybe it's just a photo they snapped in passing.

I don't take a lot of pictures and my life isn't that interesting. I spend a lot of time watching Youtube videos, reading, and sitting on the couch.

When I decided this week I wanted to do a Life Lately post, I vowed to take some photos of things I do during the week.

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I posted this on Twitter (my hand looks really weird) but I was super bored and decided to swatch my brown/mauve/rosy lipsticks
Snapchat Selfie Sundays

Reading blogs on a Sunday morning
Bought a new Bath&Body Works Candle over the weekend and I cannot get enough
I've been obsessed with Tone It Up yoga and do it on the reg

Posted this on Instagram last night; I can't wait to start reading #DirtyRush
I write wish-lists when I'm bored

Once again, my hand looks weird but the first sign of Spring nail polish!
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